Data Structure & Algorithm using C++ Zero To Mastery 2022

Data Structure & Algorithm using C++ Zero To Mastery 2021 paid course free. You will learn Greedy Algo, Dynamic Programming , Graph ,Tries , Arrays, Recursion, Linked Lists, Trees, HashMap, Stacks, Queues, Heaps in this complete course.

Data Structure & Algorithm using C++ Zero To Mastery 2021 Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of Programming in C++
  • NO experience with data structures or computer science needed!

Data Structure & Algorithm using C++ Zero To Mastery 2021 Course Description

Course Highlights

  • Quality Problems with hands-on code
  • Intuitive & Detailed Explanations
  • HD Videos
  • Deep focus on Problem Solving
  • Broaden your mindset
  • STL Powerful features
  • 250+ HD Lectures
  • 200+ quality Problems
  • 60+ hours of interactive content
  • Code Evaluation Exercises
  • Doubt Solving within 6 hours
  • Practice Exercises
  • Real Time Feedback
  • Lifetime Access
  • Industry vetted curriculum
  • Completion Certificate

Overview of Topics

  • Arrays, Strings, Vectors, Binary Search
  • Stacks, Queues, Linked Lists
  • Binary Trees, BSTs, Heaps
  • Hashing, Pattern Matching, Tries
  • Brute force, Recursion
  • Sliding Window, Two Pointer
  • Sorting & Searching, Greedy
  • Graphs Algorithms, Dynamic Programming

So you want to learn and master Data Structure and Algorithm , I have done it. I have cracked interviews of top product based companies and landed job offers from many companies (Amazon, Samsung , Microsoft, Flipkart …)

This course is totally designed, with interative lectures, good quality problems, and is deeply focussed on problem solving. If you want to learn  breath & depth of topics, this course is for you.

So i have created this course keeping in mind university syllabus and also to make you ready to get those valuable internships and placements.

You will top your university exams and will become interview ready at the same time.

I know how professors teach in colleges , they just discuss theory , but hey I am not a professor instead a bro. I will teach you things which really matter . Also i have shared many tips and tricks in the course .

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So what are you waiting for ??

Master Data Structure and Algorithms , top you university exam and get those valuable internships and placements

Still have doubt , see the course content , no one is teaching you variation of binary search , every other instructor will teach you standard binary search. I am also teaching Dynamic Programming which is difficult to teach and other instructors are not teaching this but its a very important topic and you must know it.

We are solving 30+ problems on Recursion ,

Note :  This course is 100% practical

My approach is very simple : discuss the relevant theory and then solve lots of problems . I teach concepts by solving lots of problems  and you should be ready to solve lots of problems as Assignments , Quizzes etc

Every Data Structure is discussed, analysed and implemented with a Practical line-by-line coding.

Source code for all Programs is available for you to download

With this complete course, you will become an expert in the core fundamentals of programming, Data Structures, Algorithms and its functioning with one of the most popular programming languages,C and C++. The involvement of the practical technique of problem-solving will give learners a better understanding of the concepts of the course. Learn to design efficient algorithms and become ready for future best jobs in the industry.

As if this was not enough , I have shared tips and tricks on how to become good in competitive programming ( yes i have did CP in college)

Source code for all Programs is available for you to download

Sign up today!

Who this course is for:

  • An undergraduate who want to Learn Data Structures Perfectly
  • Developer who wants to get Deepest knowledge of Data Structure
  • Anyone interested in improving their problem-solving skills
  • Anyone preparing for programming interviews


Data Structure & Algorithm using C++ Zero To Mastery 2021

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