Database programming for beginners

Database programming for beginners paid course free. You will Learn MySQL & PHP in this complete course. Understand basic SQL statement and get used to DB programming

Database programming for beginners Course Requirements

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Database programming for beginners Course Description

This course includes how to use basic SQL statement, how to develop easy web app by PHP and MySQL.

After you finished this course, you will fully understand the relationship between web app and database.

And also, you will have skills of database programming and PHP/HTML programming!

Fundamental SQL and PHP programming by sample source code is offered in this course,

so you will get used to database programming and app programming easily.

This course contents are as follows.

1 What is database ?

1.1. Relationship between database and application

1.2. Relational database

1.3. Manipulate database by SQL

2 Make database and table

2.1. Download and install XAMPP to your PC

2.2. Start MySQL

2.3. Start Admin tool of MySQL

2.4. Make database

2.5. Make user

3 Manipulate data by SQL

3.1. INSERT statement – add record to table –

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3.2. SELECT statement – refer to record from table –

3.3. UPDATE statement – update record to table –

3.4. DELETE statement – delete record from table –

4 Manipulate table from program

4.1. Basics of database processing

4.2. Insert record to DB from PHP application

4.3. Get record from DB by PHP application

5 Manipulate table from web app

5.1. Insert input data of web page to DB

5.2. Take measures against invalid data input

6 Bonus Lecture Coupon link of another course

Finally, thank you for enrolling this course. Let’s start database programming!

Who this course is for:

  • IT engineer want to acquire basic database programming skill


Database programming for beginners

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