DAX / Power BI – Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive

DAX / Power BI – Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive paid course free. You will Improve your DAX / Power BI customer and sales analysis skills in this deep dive course

  • Techniques for performing customer, sales and purchase analysis
  • Cohort analysis
  • Customer segmentation
  • Cluster analysis
  • Ranking sales on multiple columns
  • Cross-selling analysis
  • Tracking trends in sales

DAX / Power BI – Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive Course Requirements

  • Some familiarity with Power BI and DAX will be helpful

DAX / Power BI – Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive Course Description

Power BI and DAX provide some impressive capabilities which allows us to perform many types of sales / purchase analysis and customer analysis. We will see much of that in this course.

Essentially, a sales analysis is a definite report, or set of reports, that shows a business’ sales execution, just as customer information and created income, benefits, and net revenues. The report characterizes the qualities and shortcomings of items and sales endeavors by referring to recorded and current measurements to recognize arising patterns that are generally applicable to an organization.

Sales and customer analysis gives basic qualities from which investigators can settle on significant business choices. This empowers the board to settle on information driven choices as opposed to depending on mystery. With bits of knowledge into different sales channels, organizations can find where their most-beneficial customers lie, where extra advancements are required, and which items need faster turnover or retirement.

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A set-up of customer and sales reports enables businesses to pinpoint execution shortcomings and make powerful upgrades to advance sales, income, and benefits.

There are at many types of customers, sales, and purchase analysis methods. Power BI and DAX have the breadth and depth of functionality to allow us to perform analysis such as:

· Sales Trend Analysis

· Sales Performance Analysis

· Predictive Sales Analysis

· Product Sales Analysis

· Customer churn (retention)

· Cluster Analysis

· Cohort Analysis

· Segmentation Analysis

· Pareto Analysis

In this course you will learn how to perform all of these types of analyses and much more. And you will get to work on a fun project at the end of the course.

Who this course is for:

  • DAX and Power BI developers needing to understand how to using DAX and Power BI to perform customer, sales and purchase analysis

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/dax-power-bi-customer-and-sales-analysis-deep-dive/

DAX / Power BI – Customer and Sales Analysis Deep Dive

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