Design & Build a Gardening Website in Designer and Oxygen

Design & Build a Gardening Website in Designer and Oxygen. How To Design & Build a Gardening Website in Affinity Designer and Oxygen Builder

Design & Build a Gardening Website in Designer and Oxygen Course Requirements

  • Basic Knowledge of Affinity Designer
  • Basic WordPress Skills
  • Basic Oxygen Builder Skills

Design & Build a Gardening Website in Designer and Oxygen Course Description

Hello. Welcome to courses that improve your website design and development.
Thanks so much for being here! I know there is a lot to learn. So thank you very much for choosing this course.
So if a student wants to know:

“Ok David, I took your website design to the Affinity Designer room, so I know how to design a website, but what else can I do? “

Additionally, if you are a student who has studied Oxygen Builder, but also has good web design skills, this course will be for you.
This wonderful course provides excellent insight into website design and development.
Because we’re going to be creating a gardening website using Affinity Designer. We will do it:

  • Top bar with logo and navigation
  • Chapter hero with background image and button
  • Several sections with symbols, text, and graphics
  • Image comparison
  • Gallery section
  • And a beautiful footer

We then began to move from a blank canvas to the finished page of a horticultural business.
When you’re done, you’ll download the model and learn how to rebuild it using Oxygen Builder.
So, if you’ve always wanted to learn how to create a website based on a unique design or you want to create beautiful layouts yourself, independent of the web designer. Give this class time. Go see inside. Free preview and learn more about the content.
We can’t wait to see you inside!


This course For:

Affinity Designer users who want to learn how to design with Oxygen Builder

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