Designing a Production Grade Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS)

Designing a Production Grade Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS). Designing a Production Grade Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS) in Azure. In this course, students will learn how to set up a Secured AKS cluster that suits Production. With the business case, I have created a use case to Refactor an On-Perm application to Micro-services technology.

Designing a Production Grade Azure Kubernetes Service(AKS)

Students will learn from AKS services and deployments.

Basic AKS cluster installation and Scaling Nodepool.

Major topics covered in this course are Rolling Updates, HPA, Azure AD integration with AKS, Azure key-vault integration with AKS cluster, Backup and restore AKS cluster with Velero backup technology.

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For a real-time scenario, I have a Record Management application in On-Perm, where I have Re-designed the application to Container technology.

Dockerize your On-Perm application and run in AKS (Refactor or Re-Architect your application to Micro-services architecture).

Node Selector, Node affinity and anti-affinity, Pod affinity and anti-affinity,Taint and Toleration.

Should have good knowledge in Kubernetes Fundamentals, because I’m going to cover some advanced topics HPA, Rolling Updates, Azure AD, Backup & Restore, Multi-Container POD.

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Application Gateway Ingress Controller, Nginx Ingress Controller.

Integrate Azure Key-Vault with AKS deployment.

Multi-container POD creation.

Velero backup creation and cleanup.

Azure disk, Snapshot and Restore data, Azure storage expansion, Azure Fileshare Creation and Mounting share to deployment.

Azure AD integration with Azure Kubernetes Cluster to improve Security.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will learn how to setup a production grade AKS cluster in Azure
  • Live scenario
  • Advanced Kubernetes concepts like HPA, Rolling update, Multi-container deployment, Azure AD integration, Ingress controller deployment
  • Students will learn, to take backup and recovery the AKS cluster using Velero software
  • Cluster services & affinity
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Who this course is for:

  • Cloud Architects
  • Kubernetes Architects
  • Kubernetes Admins
  • Azure Cloud Admins

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