DevOps Mastery with Docker Kubernetes & Azure Kubernetes

DevOps Mastery with Docker Kubernetes & Azure Kubernetes. It teaches readers how to use Docker and Kubernetes to manage their applications. The book starts by introducing the basics of containers and how they work, before moving on to cover Kubernetes. It then goes on to explain how to use Docker for application development, testing, deployment, and monitoring. The book also covers how to integrate Azure Kubernetes into your DevOps workflow.

If you are looking to become a DevOps Master, then you need to learn Docker and Kubernetes. This course will teach you the basics of both technologies so that you can build your own containers and deploy applications on top of Kubernetes. You will also learn how to use Azure Kubernetes services to scale your applications.

The Azure Kubernetes Course is a course that will teach students how to use Azure Kubernetes to manage and orchestrate containerized applications. The course will cover topics such as deploying and managing applications using Azure Kubernetes, using the Azure Services Platform for orchestrating and managing services, and using the Azure Resource Manager for scheduling and managing resources.

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DevOps Mastery with Docker Kubernetes & Azure Kubernetes

In this course, you will learn everything about Docker, Kubernetes, and Azure Kubernetes by deploying the SpringBoot application with Database on AKS.

You will start by learning the basics of Docker, why we need docker and the benefits of using docker.

You will learn everything about cloud and Azure Cloud and its services.

You will then learn about the need for Kubernetes, the Architecture of Kubernetes, different components of Kubernetes.

We will convert a spring boot application into a docker container.

We will create an Azure cloud account and then we will create a database on the Azure cloud then we will create a docker container repository on the Azure cloud after that we will create a Kubernetes cluster on the Azure cloud.

Once we have created all the Azure resources then we will move our dockerized spring boot application with its database connection on Azure Kubernetes.

We will apply two approaches for deploying applications on the Azure Kubernetes cluster using deployment and service object directly with the kubectl command-line and also with the YAML file for deployment and service.

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We will follow the below steps:

2-Create a new Azure Resource Group

3-Create Azure CosmosDB

4-Getting the Cosmos DB Connection string

5-Walk through of Springbbot MongoDB Application

6-Connecting Local Springboot with Azure CosmosDB

7-Write Docker file for the Springboot Application

8-Docker build in local

9-Creating Azure Container Registry

10-Login to Azure and Azure Container Registry with the Azure CLI tool

11-Tagging local docker image to Azure ACR repository version

12-Pushing the local docker image to Azure ACR

13-Create Azure Kubernetes Cluster

14-Installing Kubectl CLI tool

15-Establish connection from Local to Azure AKS Cluster

16-Create Deployment Object and Access the details of the deployment

17-Expose Service on the Deployment

18-Final Testing and Checking Logs of the Pod

20-Execute the deployment and service YAML with Kubectl apply on Azure AKS cluster

21-Deleting old service creating new service and accessing alongside old service

22-Understanding the power and possibilities of Kubernetes

23-Run the same deployment and service on AKS, EKS, GKS, On-premise, or minikube or even mix and match

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24-Deleting Azure Cloud Resources to avoid the extra cost

25-Source Code

You Will Learn

  • You will learn about Docker, its uses, and its benefits
  • You will learn everything about cloud basics with Microsoft Azure Cloud and its services.
  • You will learn about Kubernetes, Its Architecture, and its Components
  • You will learn about Azure cloud resources Database, Kubernetes cluster, Container registry
  • You will learn to Dockerize the Spring Boot application and Connect to the database
  • You will learn to perform deployments to Azure Kubernetes cluster with Yaml files
  • You will learn to perform deployments to Azure Kubernetes cluster with Kubectl Command Line
  • You will learn the debugging and troubleshooting techniques and commands for the Kubernetes cluster

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