Digital banking payments and other Fintech payments

Digital banking payments and other Fintech payments. This course helps to understand various nuances in fintech and digital banking. Fintech refers to the use of advanced technology to provide financial services to consumers and businesses — from buying and selling cryptocurrency to authenticating electronic payments. 


  • Basic interest to know about digital banking
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Fintech refers to the use of advanced technology to provide financial services to consumers and businesses, from buying and selling cryptocurrencies to authenticating electronic payments. Fintech has made significant strides in many financial services sectors, including payments, loans, investments, insurance, and real estate.

The payments market will continue to grow driven by several new trends. One of them is that what used to require an archaic checkout experience is now being integrated as an instant checkout feature into everything from food delivery and transportation apps to entertainment, travel, wellness, gaming, and education apps, to point of which consumers often do not notice the payment at all.

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For many fintech companies, the opportunity lies in being able to focus on a key area of ​​the market and take the friction out of internal payment relationships.

Digital banking is the automation of traditional banking services. Digital banking enables a bank’s customers to access banking products and services through an electronic/online platform. Digital banking means digitizing all banking operations and replacing the bank’s physical presence with a permanent online presence, eliminating the need for the consumer to visit a branch.

If a person has access to a stable internet connection and an internet-enabled smart device, digital banking has a lot to offer.

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The contents of the course are :





7.Card processing fees

8.Basic card terminologies

9.Virtual cards

10.Commercial cards

11.2 Factor authentication

13.Prepaid Instruments

14.Recurring payments

15.Push transaction

16.Pull transaction

17.ISO 20022

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  • Students and professionals


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