Django Rest Framework

Django Rest Framework paid course free. You will Create REST APIs using Python and Django in simple steps in this complete course. Learn what REST APIs are and why we need them.

Django Rest Framework Course Requirements

  • Knowledge of Python and Django
  • Atom or PyCharm (Installation of Atom is covered in easy setup section)

Django Rest Framework Course Description

Sample of the reviews:

Good Course. I like the teaching style, short videos with good focus subject coverage such that I can manage my time more effectively. – Mark Mneimneh

Great Course. Good Basic Knowledge of the Framework – Gus Minor

The course is good for beginners. I looked for this type of course, short and specific. I learned from it. I got a better understanding of drf. – Fidel Rosell

Are you a python and Django developer who wants to create python rest apis while mastering Django Rest Framework(DRF)? Are you an experienced Django Developer who wants to fill in any gaps in your knowledge of creating a REST APIs using Django REST Framework then this course is for you too.

DRF is the most widely used Web Application Development framework in the industry today. Django makes it super easy to create production ready web applications. You will start this course by learning what Django REST Framework is ,the different features that are a part of every Django REST application .You will be working hands on one feature at a time .You will then create a web application using all the knowledge you gain from those sections.

  • Learn what REST APIs are and why we need them
  • Create REST APIs using Function Based Views
  • Create REST APIs using Class Based Views
  • Use mixins, generics and ViewSets
  • Configure Router and Routes for your REST APIs
  • Secure you REST APIs using Authentication and Authorization

What are the requirements?

  Knowledge of Python , Atom or PyCharm (Installation of Atom is covered in easy setup section)

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers who want to master Django REST Framework
  • Programmers who wants to develop REST APIs using Python and Django REST Framework
  • This course shows you how to create a REST API project from scratch
  • This is not for students who are looking for solutions to all real time project problems


Django Rest Framework

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