Django with Javascript and Ajax

Django with Javascript and Ajax. This course is designed for web developers who want to learn how to use Django with JavaScript and Ajax. The course covers the basics of both Django and JavaScript, as well as how to use Ajax to create dynamic web pages.

Django with Javascript and Ajax is a web development framework that makes it easy to create interactive web applications. It uses the Python programming language and the Django Web Framework, which makes it easy to manage your application’s data.

Django with JavaScript and Ajax is a powerful combination that allows developers to create beautiful, interactive applications. By using Django, developers can easily create web applications that are responsive and fast. Additionally, the Ajax library makes it easy to interact with web pages and data sources.

  • How to add Dropzone js to our project
  • How to create a CRUD app using Django, js & Ajax
  • How to use the Ajax jQuery method
  • How to manipulate DOM with vanilla Javascript
  • How to run Ajax calls
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  • How to use Ajax & vanilla Javascript in a Django project to improve user experience
  • How to add bootstrap 5 elements such as modals, carousels
  • How to add a spinner to the project
  • How to load more data on a button click
  • How to like/unlike posts using Ajax
  • How to create custom decorators in Django

Django with Javascript and Ajax Course Requirements

  • Python basics. Also nice to have basic knowledge of django but it’s not mandatory

Django with Javascript and Ajax Course Description

Learn how to create improved Django web applications using Javascript, Ajax, and Bootstrap 5 by taking this unique and complete course. In our training sessions, we will create together a nice-looking CRUD application learning step by step how to implement the concepts mentioned above in order to bring the user experience to the next level.

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After completion, the student will have enough knowledge to create their own applications based on what we’ve learned or improve the existing ones.

This isn’t a course that will just teach you how to do certain things in your code, but rather it will teach you how to think in a way to complete your own tasks, that later will bring you to accomplishing your personal goals.

By the way, it’s worth mentioning that if you are thinking to learn and discover popular nowadays frameworks like: react js, angular js, or Vue js –  it’s a good idea to learn the basics concepts behind using vanilla Javascript and Ajax in your web applications.

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If you’re ready, sign in today and if for some reason this course won’t meet your requirements – remember that there is a 30 day money back guarantee! Translate your imagination into code and let it be the only limit!

Who this course is for:

  • Python / Django students


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