Java Programming Masterclass covering Java 11 & Java 17

You have just found the most comprehensive and detailed online Java programming course. With nearly 600,000 students enrolled and more than 140,000 reviews (with tens of thousands of those 5-star ones) to date, these comprehensive Java tutorials cover everything you’ll need.

If you want:

  • develop the skills you need to land your first Java programming job
  • move to a more senior software developer position
  • pass the Oracle Java certification exam
  • or just learn Java so you can create your own Java applications quickly
  • this comprehensive Java Masterclass is the course you need to do all of this and more.
    Please note Java 17 support will be available soon, read on below … Want to get your first job in Java Programming, but have a hard time figuring out what skills employers want and which course will provide those skills?
    This course is designed to give you the Java skills you need to get a job as a Java developer. By the end of the course, you will understand Java extremely well and will be able to create your own Java applications and be productive as a software developer.
    Many students have been successful in obtaining their first job or promotion after completing the course.
    Here’s just one example of a student who lost her job and despite never having codified in her life before, she landed a full-time software developer position in just a few months after starting this course. He didn’t even complete the course!

The course lasts 80 hours. Perhaps you have looked at the size of the course and are feeling a bit overwhelmed at the prospect of finding time to complete it. You may be wondering if you need to go through all of this.
First, Laura’s story above shows that it is not necessary to complete the entire course; she hadn’t completed it yet when she accepted her developer job offer.

Second, the course is designed as a one-stop shop for Java. The basic Java material you need to learn Java development is covered in the first seven sections (about 14 hours total). The basics of Java are covered in those sections. The rest of the course covers intermediate, advanced and optional material that you do not technically need to pass.

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