Drawing and Painting on the iPad with Procreate

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Free Course-Drawing And Painting On The IPad With Procreate free download this course From google drive. Consumers have a deep understanding of Procreate. Create Speed videos that they can post online. Create and import custom brushes. Have a basic understanding of how to compose and create a painting.


You need an iPad, new (iPad Air, iPad Pro or recent iPad mini)
You need a Procreate application from the App Store
Some basic contacts with the iPad are useful

Drawing And Painting On The IPad With Procreate Course Description

I wanted to draw one from the moment Steve Jobs took the stage and unveiled the iPad. It took two years to capture the hardware and software, but now the iPad is a wonderful little art studio that you can easily take anywhere.

It is my belief that it is best to learn through examples. In this Drawing And Painting On The IPad With Procreate course we will:

We go over the tools
After going over the tools, we use them to reinforce how they work
Drawing sessions are simple and easy to follow, anyone can do them
From drawing panels to pencils to colors and backgrounds to ink, we’ll see how comic strips can be made step by step

Recommended Course

We learn all the shortcuts and options associated with each tool.
The final project takes all the skills we learned and combines them into one final image
Why earn? He is the best drawing app Procreate for the iPad. Procreate is listed monthly and for good reason among iPad’s best-selling apps. It rivals many desktop applications for power and features. In this class, we fixed Procreate to start drawing on the iPad.

Drawing And Painting On The IPad With Procreate courseĀ  For whom

People who want to learn drawing but don’t know where to start
Illustrators looking to learn everything about Procreate
People who love drawing and sketching and want to start doing it digitally
Updated for Procreate 4 now.

This course is for:
People who have an iPad and want to know how to draw
Illustrators learning to sketch and draw

Experienced illustrators

who are unfamiliar

with the iPad
Created by Brad Colbo
Last updated 1/2021
English [Auto-Generated]

Size: 2.55 GB

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