Drip Irrigation Design and Installation for Beginners

Drip Irrigation Design and Installation for Beginners. Drip irrigation is by far the most efficient use of our water resources – as long as it’s designed, installed, and maintained correctly.  This is an introductory course for those of you wanting to have a better understanding of both point source and inline drip systems.  We’ll be covering sources of water for irrigation and the effect different soil textures have on selecting components of the system.  We’ll also dive into drawing the plan and the basics of doing a take-off list for when you go to purchase everything you need.

Installation tips and techniques will also be covered in detail – like how to assemble a drip irrigation valve manifold whether it be an anti-siphon valve or an inline valve.  The importance of filtration cannot be underestimated and we’ll be talking about this in some depth. 

How does a drip emitter even work?  How does it provide even pressure and flow?  We’ll cover all of this and more.    

We’ve added at Lecture 20 – Drip Irrigation for the Home Vegetable Garden!  If you’re looking for some ideas on irrigating your veggies you can jump straight to this short lesson!  We’ll cover drip irrigation in raised beds and straw bale gardens as well. 

Finally, we’ll discuss maintaining and troubleshooting to keep your irrigation up and running smoothly.

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