eBook Creation Using Adobe Indesign No HTML Code Needed

eBook Creation Using Adobe Indesign, No HTML Code Needed. Make an ebook from your fiction manuscript with Adobe Indesign without any HTML code fast and easy

Do you need to make an ebook from a fiction book without using messy HTML code? This class shows you how to use Adobe Indesign to create a professional eBook without touching one line of code. The best part is you can use this layout for both an ebook and a print book using the techniques in this class. This course is for you! Most other Indesign courses teach lots of extra material that won’t help you. This course is specifically targeted at people who want to create an ebook using Adobe Indesign without all the headaches of custom code.

  • Walter: “Your course was so helpful. My staff struggled for a month trying to learn Indesign from YouTube. We just wasted our time and missed critical opportunities. Your easy-to-follow teaching style literally hand-held us, taught my team time-saving skills, and saved us $1,000’s of dollars in lost revenue. Thank you!” Walter P., Orange and Blue Marketing

From Aaron: “Hi there, my name is Aaron and I’ve professionally taught Indesign to hundreds of students. I’ve created hundreds of layouts in Indesign, from simple nonfiction books to complex guides and textbooks. Together we’ll work through real projects will real manuscripts. You’ll learn everything you need to know to be successful. This course is filled with instruction that gets you to success fast.”

This course will allow you to create your own ebook and send it out to the market. Many “pro” ebook designers learn from YouTube as they go, wasting your money. Other Indesign ebook contractors charge insane amounts of money. That’s why I made this course. It’s for people who want to learn ebook creating from Indesign, whether it’s for their book or to learn a new skill.

  • Bethany: “What you just taught me almost made me cry. Before your class, my boss made me change the font in our company book twice. It took me a week. With what you showed me, I could’ve been literally done in a minute. One week cut down to one minute. I hope others find your course.” Bethany R., Outdoor Medical Training School

This course helps you avoid these mistakes:

  • Improper ebook formatting
  • Not adding a cover image
  • Classic manuscript import errors
  • Incorrectly choosing the wrong file type
  • Having to table of contents
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It’s so easy to make mistakes and not see them during an ebook layout. Aaron has seen books by great authors with terrible, incompatible ebooks. Trying to do an ebook layout in code is a waste of time when you can use Indesign to make a great-looking ebook quickly.

This course includes:

  • Sample files for practice
  • Sample copyright page text completely free to use
  • Ideas for adjusting your ebook

Aaron shares the tricks he’s learned over years of doing ebook publication. The goal of this course is to teach you how to make your own ebook and not look like an amateur doing it. You’ll learn the necessary skills get the job done.

Manuscript software formatting guidelines include:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Google Docs

Even if you used a different program, the instructions for the above software will help you figure out what you need to do. Ask questions in the course forum and Aaron will do his best to help you out.

There are a lot of small but important details in the ebook layout. Avoid making errors with this course. You spent 100’s of hours perfecting your manuscript. Don’t make the rookie mistake of making your ebook look like it was prepared by an amateur

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