Effective Video Game Planning

Effective Video Game Planning Paid course free. A practical way to approach ideas, define their main mechanics, and have a clear vision of your game.

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Effective Video Game Planning Course Description

Welcome to the course!

What is this course about?

We will make a game design document to have a clear picture of what our game will be. Often times we don’t know if our game ideas will work and are too afraid to waste time if it doesn’t after all the hard work of prototyping.

Make your ideas more thought out

Oftentimes, just jumping into our game engines and coding away isn’t the best strategy when fleshing out an idea. Putting it on paper and justifying why we think some aspects of the game will work before going into our game engines will give your brain confidence by giving it a clear direction to follow instead of trying random things out without criteria or standards. Making a game design document will greatly help out in this process.

You can do this course on pen and paper or digitally. That’s how accessible this process is!

What you’ll learn

Why gathering reference is important to bounce your ideas off of them

How to use story structures to make a story and compelling characters

Why game design documents are so helpful and how to make one

Disclaimer: This is my first course. All feedback is absolutely welcome.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner or intermediate game developers who want to turn their ideas into successful released games.

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/video-game-planning/

Effective Video Game Planning

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