English Pronunciation: Master the American accent

English Pronunciation: Master the American accent paid course free. You will learn How To Speak English Clearly and Correctly. American English Accent Pronunciation Training and Practice.

  • Speak in an eloquent American Accent in professional, business, casual and social situations.
  • Learn a set of practical techniques to exercise and perfect your American Accent.
  • Fundamental yet important pointers about the American accent
  • Crucial sounds in the American accent and how to produce them
  • Have a deeper knowledge of the American rhythm
  • Learn only what you NEED to know, not all the redundant that many other coaches may teach.
  • Worksheets are provided for each episode to follow along with.

English Pronunciation: Master the American accent Course Requirements

  • Basic comprehension of the English language
  • A commitment to your practice your lessons



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To give you a perfect Standard American Accent that you can apply in various fields to improve your English pronunciation, communication with others, make you clearly understood and allow you to pass as an American as opposed to a foreign speaker.

Gain confidence and enjoy talking English.


Our approach with teaching the American Accent is to remove all the useless and redundant exercises taught by many accent coaches and teach you only what you actually need to know!

You must learn some fundamentals of the accent not only some examples.

Accent work shouldn’t be intellectual, it should be practical .

So we’ll be teaching you a set of drills and technical knowledge that will get the accent out of your head and allow you to speak naturally and effortlessly without needing to think about it.

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When using your accent, you should be focusing on what you’re saying in your speech, or presentation, or meeting, or audition, NOT how you’re sounding.

This course will give you the tools to finally be confident with your American accent so make sure you’ll watch it until the end.


This course is for anyone who wants to lose their accent and put on a perfect American accent, regardless of your field of work. The teachings apply to everyone from those who need the accent for presentations, meetings, phone conversations, to students, professors and content creators.


You will learn a set of full-proof knowledge of the American accent from scratch to hone and harness your Accent for everyday use. You will also learn a series of Technical aspects that will elevate your accent and make you indistinguishable from a natural American speaker. We will also make sure that you follow your lessons.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone whose first language isn’t English
  • Anyone who want to master the American Accent
  • Anyone who wants to improve their communication skills

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/english-pronunciation-master-the-american-accent/

English Pronunciation: Master the American accent

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