English Vocabulary Course for Beginners 500 + words

English Vocabulary Course for Beginners 500 + words. paid course free. You will Learn 500 + English words (Verbs. Adjectives. Nouns. Topics. Stories) to simply develop your English language skills.

  • English vocabulary 500+
  • Verbs & Nouns
  • Adjectives & Colours
  • Clarifying sentences
  • Home appliances & Musical instruments
  • Vegetables & Fruits
  • Clothes & School tools
  • Seasons , Months & Days
  • Jobs
  • Animals & Birds
  • Family members
  • More & More different words.
  • Topics to practice what we learn
  • Short stories
  • 26 alphabetical stories


  • No requirments or prerequisites

English Vocabulary Course for Beginners 500 + words Course Description

This English Vocabulary Course for Beginners consists of;

More than five hundred words ( Verbs, Adjectives, Nouns ) plus many topics and stories to revise what we learn and practice the listening skills.

If you know and keep many words in English you will reinforce your English skills especially listening and speaking.

In this course;

                       -The words are pronounced and written to make you able to listen and speak well.

                       -The words are written in the context of sentences to make you able to use them easily during reading and writing.

                       -The words are clarified through expressive pictures to make the meanings simpler and clearer.

                       – The topics are chosen carefully to be interesting and useful.

                       -There are many interesting stories to practice listening to, reading, and writing.

                       -There are 26 alphabetical stories with many words related to each letter in order to apply the words you have studied.                     

*This course is designed for beginners who want to build up their vocabulary in a simple way. 

*The English language consists of four basic skills which are listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

*In this course “English Vocabulary Course for Beginners“, you will master the English language by integrating the four skills together.

                   Listening: When you listen to the pronunciation of every word and the sentence and repeat them many times, your ears 

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                   will get used to the English pronunciation which will help you to listen well and easily in any daily situation.

                   Speaking: After you listen to each word or sentence, I need you to repeat the words and sentences as if you speak with

                   someone else. Try to practice these words in your daily activities.

                   Reading: When you read the words and sentences, try to read them loudly to help you acquire the self-confidence that

you are able to read well, after a while you will master reading any text.

 Writing: After reading each word, I need you to hold a pen and a sheet of paper to write the words. After that, copy the         

sentences and try to write them by yourself. In this way, you will help yourself to write well without any spelling mistakes.

*After you finish each set of words, I need you to write them alone. Someone from your family or your friends reads each word and you write them, then correct your spelling.

This course addresses all learners especially beginners who want to learn and study English from scratch. Also when you build up your vocabulary in a simple way, the vocabulary will help you understand and study grammar well.

As a result, all four skills will be easy for you to practice.  When you have self-confidence that you are aware and can use English smoothly in your study and your daily life, you will deal with others in English like a native person who speaks fluently and writes accurately.   

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners & Parents

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/english-vocabulary-course-for-beginners/

English Vocabulary Course for Beginners 500 + words.

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