ESP32 and PlatformIO IoT Project

ESP32 and PlatformIO IoT Project paid course free. Are you ready to take your ESP32 skills past simple circuits and sketches?. How to use PlatformIO, an advanced development environment for the ESP32 and many other platforms.

  • How to use PlatformIO, an advanced development environment for the ESP32 and many other platforms.
  • AdafruitIO cloud IoT service.
  • IFTTT (If This Then That) cloud IoT service.
  • Use your ESP32 with Google Assistant.
  • How to combine challenging features, like a software watchdog and Internet time.
  • Integrate persistent storage and Wifi communications to your ESP32 gadget.
  • Techniques, like multi-file projects and source control.
  • Higher level design considerations, like user interface design and user interaction.

ESP32 and PlatformIO IoT Project Course Requirements

  • Good working knowledge of the ESP32.
  • Not familiar with the ESP32? I recommend starting with ESP32 For Arduino Makers.
  • To complete this course, you will need to be familiar with the ESP32 dev kit.

ESP32 and PlatformIO IoT Project Course Description

Are you ready to take your ESP32 skills past simple circuits and sketches?

Another learning experience anticipates you.

Since you have taken in the essentials of the ESP32, the time has come to encounter the genuine force of this innovation.

The time has come to make an application that will extend your current information and abilities.

An application that will acquaint you with additional opportunities.

With ESP32 Unleashed, you have this chance.

ESP32 Unleashed give you a difficult undertaking and the direction you need to finish it.

An undertaking that consolidates…

Testing highlights, similar to a product guard dog and Internet time.

Specialized abilities, as tenacious stockpiling and Wifi interchanges.

Procedures, as multi-document ventures and source control.

Apparatuses, as PlatformIO and Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

More elevated level plan contemplations, similar to UI plan and client connection.

…to convey a genuine, valuable, working device.

A venture like this can extend your eager psyche and fill it with new flavorful information.

ESP32 Unleashed is an undertaking course

This course is ideal for individuals acquainted with the ESP32, particularly alumni of ESP32 For Busy People.

It is a directed undertaking, intended to show you how to utilize present day instruments to make current inserted applications dependent on the ESP32.

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Course equipment prerequisites

To finish this course, you will require a couple of equipment segments.

You can discover a rundown in the free Hardware address in the main part of the course.

In this course, you will figure out how to make an IoT device.

You’ll utilize the information you obtained in ESP32 For Busy People.

You’ll learn new information with the goal that you can incorporate new segments and apparatuses.

This course is action-packed. Here are some highlights:

  1. You’ll use PlatformIO, a fully-featured, modern development environment, running inside Microsoft Visual Studio Code, an excellent graphical programming editor, in the place of the Arduino IDE. Both PlatformIO and MS Code are free applications, and with them, you’ll be able to create applications that can take advantage of the capabilities of the ESP32.
  2. The gadget that you’ll create in this course will make use of three Cloud-based platforms: AdafruitIO, If This Then That, and Google Assistant, to implement modern IoT capabilities.
  3. You will learn how to create reliable and feature-rich applications using techniques like software watchdogs, ESP32 internal resources like the EEPROM, and peripherals like a TFT touch screen.

As always, the course follows the familiar Tech Explorations format, which includes all schematic wiring diagrams and demo sketches, a logical course structure, high-quality video and audio, and thoughtful and calm delivery.

In addition, in this course, you can also download the complete PlatformIO project file, which also includes every single Git commit I have made during the recording of the lectures.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is perfect for people familiar with the ESP32, especially graduates of ESP32 For Arduino Makers.


ESP32 and PlatformIO IoT Project

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