Ethereum Smart Contract Development- Solidity Basics

Ethereum Smart Contract Development- Solidity Basics paid course free. You will Learn solidity basics for Ethereum smart contract development in this complete course.


  • Should be aware about basics of Blockchain

Ethereum Smart Contract Development- Solidity Basics Course Description

~ This course covered Remix IDE basics where you will understand the Remix IDE layout, different options like a file explorer, solidity compiler, deployment option.

~ Remix File explorer helps to create a smart contract, solidity compiler helps to compile the smart contract, and deploy option helps to deploy the smart contract

~ Remix IDE unit testing feature allows the developer to test the smart contract in the same IDE only.

~ Remix allows developers to connect to different environments using Web3 Provider and Injected Web3 option under deployments.

~ Explained how to connect Remix IDE to Local and Ethereum testnet & mainnet

~ Smart Contract Lifecycle explained which include development, compilation, deployment, and testing

~ Solidity is a smart contract programming language that is similar to Java Script

~ Different variables are explained like integer, string, bytes, bool, address, array, mapping, enum, struct

~ Hands-on Solidity functions which include modifiers and events

~ Solidity function state modifiers like pure, view, payable explained with real-time use cases

~ Solidity Control statement and loops explained which include if-else, while, do-while, ternary operation, and for a loop.

~ Inheritance, abstract contract, and interface concept is explained with hands-on

~ Solidity Error Handling explained with real-time use case which includes require function, assert function and revert function that helps to revert the state and throw exceptions

Who this course is for:

  • Ethereum Developers


Ethereum Smart Contract Development- Solidity Basics

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