Excel Programming made easy (VSTO, C#, WPF [MVVM])

Excel Programming made easy (VSTO, C#, WPF [MVVM]) paid course free. You will Build functional real-life Excel Add-ins from scratch using C#, WPF/MVVM

Excel Programming made easy (VSTO, C#, WPF [MVVM]) Course Requirements

  • Should have basic understanding about Excel
  • Should have at least beginner level expertise in using C#
  • Be able to use Visual Studio or other IDE for development
  • Should have basic exposure to Windows Forms or WPF


  • This course focuses on creating Excel VSTO add-ins & Excel VSTO Workbook using C#,WPF.
  • Real-life functional add-ins will be built from scratch.
  • Since this course is meant for learning Excel Add-ins, topics not related to Excel Add-ins will be taught with limited scope where as Excel Add-ins related topics will be dealt with complete focus.
  • Take a look at the preview video regarding the add-ins that we will build in the course.
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Is this the Right course for you??

If you say “Yes” to all the questions below, then this course is definitely for you. If you are not okay with some of the questions, then please do not join the course.

  • Are you a kind of person who likes to learn new programming skill directly by starting to build real-life applications?
  • Since this course is for learning Excel Add-ins, external NuGet libraries will be used for quick building of user interface (UI Windows). Are you comfortable with using NuGet libraries?
  • Building an applications mean, spending more time on setting up the logic for the application itself. So, half the time you will learn building the application and its logic. Rest of the time, you will learn to manipulate the data and communicate/read/write data to Excel. Are you okay with this?
  • I will use WPF (rather than Windows form) for building the UI. Even if you are new to WPF, you can find that this course explains every step of building the UI using WPF. If you already have no idea about WPF then are you ready to learn WPF along with Excel Add-ins?
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If you are okay with the above points, then get ready to learn to build excel add-ins with modern/interactive/responsive UI using WPF

At the end of the course, you would have learned

  • Important and useful Excel classes and methods that you can apply on your work.
  • Working with Visual Studio
  • Debug the project and fix errors
  • Import data from external files into Excel via your add-in
  • Looping methods (for , foreach, while)
  • Object oriented programming
  • Packaging your add-in into an executable (.exe or .msi) that can be shared with others.
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Note: For the purpose of quick prototyping of the UI, NuGet packages will be used. In Particular, TheHaleyProject, a set of opensource libraries, will be used for building UI. (Disclaimer: I’m the author of the Haley Project, a set of OpenSource libraries hosted in Github).

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner C# programmers who wish to add Excel VSTO to their skillset

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/learning-excel-vsto-made-easy/

Excel Programming made easy (VSTO, C#, WPF [MVVM])

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