Expert Guide of API Testing-RestAssured – Real API/Framework

Expert Guide of API Testing-RestAssured – Real API/Framework. Master in API Automation using REST Assured with Live Example, Design expert Level Framework, Design Pattern practices

REST Assured API is one of the most popular library when it comes to automating the REST APIs. Most of the today’s web applications are backed by the Micro services architecture and the REST APIs.

REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. REST is web standards based architecture and uses HTTP Protocol for data communication.

In REST architecture, a REST Server simply provides access to resources and REST client accesses and presents the resources.

What topics are covered in this course?

  • API Basics
  • JSON & JSON Path
  • End to End Setup
  • Java Programming Basics
  • Rest Assured – Setup, Write Test Case
  • Rest Assured – Test Case in TestNG format
  • Rest Assured – Assertion (On header, body and status code)
  • Serialization & De-serialization: POJOs
  • HashMap to JSON object
  • ArrayList to JSON array
  • Complex POJO Example
  • Full JSON body matching
  • Parameterization using TestNG Data provider
  • Rest Assured – Request Specification
  • Rest Assured – Response Specification
  • Rest Assured – Automate Post, Put, Del
  • Rest Assured – Multiple ways to send request payload
  • Rest Assured – Complex JSON in request body
  • Rest Assured – Request Parameters
  • Rest Assured – JSON Schema Validation
  • Rest Assured – Logging Filters
  • Rest Assured – Configs
  • Framework Design
  • Code Management
  • Jenkins Integration
  • Java Coverage
  • OOPS Concepts
  • Excel Handling
  • Database Handling
  • TestNG Basic to Expert
  • Collections
  • Serialization & De-serialization: POJOs
  • HashMap to JSON object
  • ArrayList to JSON array
  • Complex POJO Example
  • Full JSON body matching
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Framework Development->

  • BDD Framework with Features
  • Scalable Framework Structure
  • Configurations
  • Reporting
  • Automate positive and negative scenarios
  • Data driven using TestNG Data Provider
  • Cucumber Implementation
  • Best Practices
  • Property and Configuration
  • Integration with Git
  • Integration with Jenkins

Tool, Library & Technology

  • Eclipse
  • Rest Assured
  • TestNG
  • Cucumber
  • Reporting
  • Java
  • Allure Reports

The outcome of this course

1. Expertise in Java Programming

2. Expertise in API Concepts

3. Able to design End to End API Automation Framework

4.  Ready to face Automation interviews

  • Ready to write basic to advance level of API automation testcase in Java Programming & RestAssured
  • Ready to design REST API Testing automation framework from scratch with BDD Cucumber
  • Detailed understanding of Java Concepts, Programming and its implementation in RestAssured including OOPS
  • Ready to face basic to advance level REST API automation interviews with RestAssured
  • Design and build a industry level API automation framework step-by-step
  • Confidently work with complex JSONs JSON PATH in request and responses
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