Express dive into Project Management

Express dive into Project Management paid course free. You will get a Complete Guide to Project Management for beginners in IT. Have heard about project management, but not sure if it is the right position for you?

  • Project management goals and duties
  • Basics of risk management and ongoing troubleshooting
  • Software development lifecycles
  • Project management methodologies
  • Software Documentation Basics
  • Project planning techniques
  • Risk management and ongoing troubleshooting
  • Task management
  • How to Monitor the progress
  • Project release and support activities


  • experienced Internet and mobile applications user, a basic understanding of IT industry
  • 0-2 years in software project management

Express dive into Project Management Course Description

Are you thinking about starting your career in IT?

Have heard about project management, but not sure if it is the right position for you?

Would like to learn as much as you need to understand project management, but are tired of reading heaps of useless articles trying to find something helpful?

The “Express dive into Project Management” course is created just for you!

The course program has 3 hours of lectures that can really help you to dive into the process of software development and the work that a professional project manager does.

Completing the lecture course you will receive:

  • the theoretical basis of Project Management to structure your knowledge;
  • real knowledge required when you are working as PM in IT outsourcing;
  • critical problems and risks that were detected during my professional practice;
  • real-life project management cases from WEB development practice;
  • helpful tips and tricks.
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The course is compiled according to teaching methods and professional education training program development recommendations. Course program completion guarantees getting the basic theoretical and practical knowledge required to start a PM career in a software development company. Check additional resources and templates attached to lectures. You can upload and reuse on your projects.

This course was created under the guidance of experienced Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer Valentina Chekanenko.

Who this course is for:

  • people without technical education who want to enter IT
  • specialists who are going to change career and interested in project management in IT
  • small business owners/managers who are faced with software/website development and would like to manage this project themselves
  • start-up founders that have no vision of project management processes and would like to see a whole picture
  • students interested in software project management processes


Express dive into Project Management

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