Extreme MySQL Course From beginners to Master

Extreme MySQL Course From beginners to Master. Comprehensive SQL data analysis master course that will guide you from a complete beginner to a professional level.

  • Master SQL operations required for MySQL database management.
  • Master data processing and business data analysis using SQL.
  • Gain an understanding of databases.
  • Master RDS MySQL database construction and implement using major AWS services.

Extreme MySQL Course From beginners to Master Course Description

This independent master course will provide you with the necessary training to become a professional SQL user, starting from a complete beginner level! You will gain the necessary knowledge to operate databases, gaining practical practice using RDS MySQL on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through in-depth theory and practical application, you will become a pro at SQL data analysis with ease.

[The objective of this course]
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-You will learn to create a working MySQL environment with AWS.
-You will learn the necessary SQL commands and SQL best practices

-You will gain a practical understanding of how to perform data analysis using SQL queries.

Master MySQL SQL and gain confidence in running AWS services using databases for an exciting future in data analysis, application development, and more. [Concept of this course]

The combination of theory and practice maximizes the learning effect.

  1. Database and knowledge acquisition of SQL
  2. Practical training Practical training
  3. Business case analysis
[List of sections]

Your first MySQL DB and SQL experience

You will experience SQL operations implementing the construction of MySQL databases using AWS

Databases and SQL overview

You will learn basic knowledge about databases and SQL. Create database

You will learn how to use SQL to manipulate queries to create databases and tables.

Insert and update data

You will learn how to register, update, and drop table data using SQL.

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Knowledge of SQL coding

You will learn about the best way to code SQL.

Database details configuration

You will learn how to configure tables in detail, including associations between tables and configuration options.

Database configuration exercises

You will carry out case study exercises using knowledge of SQL in database construction.

Restore database

You will create a database to be used in future SQL operations training using the migration file. SQL Know How Data Extraction

You will learn how to extract data using condition statements like WHERE and HAVING

SQL logical operators

You will learn how to operate data using various SQL logical operators like AND, OR, equal sign, the inequality sign

SQL functions

You will learn to perform simple and statistical operations, such as number calculations and addition.


You will learn how to join tables using JOIN and how to join SELECT statements using UNION.


You will learn how to use VIEW in complex query sets that can be called at any time.

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You will learn how to use subqueries to concatenate multiple queries to create complex SQL queries.

Stored procedure

You will learn how to create a stored procedure that summarizes a series of operations on a database. MySQL for applications

You will learn how to use SQL in your application code through hands-on training to embed MySQL in your application.

[About AWS usage fees]

AWS usage fees will be incurred when implementing the lectures in this course, but we will try to keep costs as low as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • New members into the IT industry/ an IT company
  • Those who are interested in a future with data analytics
  • Those who want to work as database engineer.

Link – https://www.udemy.com/course/extreme-mysql-course-from-beginners-to-master/

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