Finance Crash Course For Beginner & Intermediate in 2022

Finance Crash courses are the best way to learn basic concepts. If you are a beginner and want to learn all concepts of finance then you are at the right place. We will provide you best and most free platform for finance learning. Some platforms like Udemy offer free courses for basic learning of finance and also provide paid courses for advanced learning.

Finance is the process of managing and investing and study of money and its use in economic transactions. Financial planners help people save for their future, invest for the long term, and pay off their debts. Finance professionals also provide loans to businesses and governments, provide advice on how to reduce risk in investments, and oversee financial markets.

1. Finance Crash Course

You will learn how to identify the right Private Equity firm for your business and how to Structure a Private Equity Finance transaction in this complete course. You need no knowledge of Banking and Finance for this course.

  • Learn How Private Equity Funds work
  • learn Deal Value Creation and Key Private Equity Metrics
  • Learn the Private Equity Deal Process, step by step
  • Discover the importance of Deal Due Diligence
  • Understand Private Equity Deal Valuation and Pricing
  • Work through the comprehensive LBO Modelling structure and framework
  • Discover how to evaluate Risks and Returns in Private Equity Deals
  • Discover why some Startups fail
  • Understand how to measure Private Equity Fund returns

This course is good for those who want to learn the basics of Entrepreneurship Fundamentals and also suitable for analyst who wishes to broaden their knowledge about Private Equity, LBO, and MBOs.

  • Total Time Duration: 9 hours
  • Students Already Enrolled: 13,985 students

2. Complete Personal Finance Course

You will learn How Taxes + Retirement Accounts Work & Why We Need to Minimize How Much Tax We Pay in this course. You will also learn What are the Best Websites & Apps to Help You Track and Manage Your Spending in this complete course.

You will learn:

  • 16 Ways to Save More on Shopping Expenses
  • 13 Ways to Save More on Car/Transportation Expenses
  • 10 Ways to Save More on Housing Expenses
  • 5 Ways to Save More on Vacation Expenses
  • 4 Ways to Save More on Gifts & Donation Expenses
  • 6 Ways to Save More on Phone/Computer Expenses
  • 13 Ways to Save More on Food & Drinks Expenses
  • 7 Ways to Save More on Debt Expenses
  • 4 Ways to Save More on Education Expenses
  • 7 Ways to Save More on Entertainment Expenses
  • 6 Ways to Save More on Fees and Expenses
  • 5 Ways to Save More on Child/Child Care Expenses
  • 4 Ways to Save More on Health Expenses
  • 5 Ways to Save More on Personal Care Expenses
  • 5 Ways to Save More on Pet-Related Expenses
  • How to Change Your Perception of Money
  • How to Teach Your Children About Saving

This course is for anyone interested in learning EVERYTHING about personal finance, including how to save more, protect more and make more. No previous finance or accounting or Excel experience is required for this course.

Digital Marketing Crash Course

Total Time Duration: 16 hours
Students Already Enrolled: 127,359 students

3. Making Sense Of Your Personal Finances

You will learn to set smart financial goals and work out how much you need for your goals in this free course. You will also learn essential money management skills such as setting financial goals, preparing a budget, Paying Yourself First, assessing your expenses, stretching your dollar, and debt management in this free course:

You will learn:

  • Understand and set financial goals
  • Prepare a budget
  • How to Save effectively
  • How to Manage your debt

You must have Internet access and a computer or smartphone for this course. This course is good for Working adults, Students, and basically, anyone who wants to handle his own money.

Total Time Duration: 1hr 22min
Students Already Enrolled: 34,891 students

4. The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom

You will become a master in personal finance with this complete guide to budgeting, credit, student loans, investing, and retirement saving in this free course. You will also learn how to manage your money to achieve your financial goals, understand banking, loans, and credit, and plan for your future.

You will Learn:

  • Learn all about personal finance
  • How to make a budget and set your personal financial goals
  • The basics of banking and what kind of bank accounts you should have
  • The basics of credit and types of inquiries
  • All about student loans and payment plans
  • Strategies for investing
  • How to plan for your retirement

This course is for beginners who have no prior knowledge of personal finance. This course is good for college students who want to learn personal finance, credit, student loans, investing, and saving for retirement.

Total Time Duration: 1hr 27min
Students Already Enrolled: 7,834 students

5. Corporate Finance Course

You will Learn short-term financing decision-making from a Certified Public Accountant in this complete course. The corporate finance course provides students with an understanding of the financial events and factors that influence a company’s performance. Topics covered in this course include financial analysis, capital structure, disclosure, and financial reporting. At the end of this course, students should be able to identify the financial indicators and know how to take investment decisions.

You will learn:

  • Short-term financing options
  • Understand accounts payable financing strategy
  • Explain bank credit options
  • Learn commercial paper financing and when it may be used
  • Learn collateral and explain how it may apply to short-term financing
  • Understand accounts receivable financing
  • Explain inventory financing

You must have an understanding of basic financial accounting concepts for this course. This course is good for Finance students and Business professionals.

Total Time Duration: 6.5 hours
Students Already Enrolled: 24,032 students

Final Word: I have shared 5 Courses related to Finance. Three courses are paid and Two courses are free. If you have any questions related to the finance course then ask in the comment section.

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