Financial and Economic Modeling and Investments

Financial and Economic Modeling and Investments. Financial Statement Analysis, Business Analysis, Investments, Finance, Financial modeling, Financial Ratio Analysis,MBA

The course “Financial and Economic Modeling and Investments” that we created will teach you to understand in a very simple and qualitative manner all the intricacies of such complex issues as financial and economic modeling and a real assessment of the investment attractiveness of completely different projects and companies. Namely, how to build financial and economic models correctly and efficiently, by creating the most probable business development scenarios and how to make the best investment decisions, both within the business in which you work or will work, as well as when engaging in investment activities using various platforms of the Stock Markets.

You will learn how to apply all the knowledge and skills related to the indicators of assessing the investment attractiveness, financial and economic activities of a company, as well as in the preparation and reading of financial statements, in order to create the most effective models (or scenarios) of business development, building a quality policy for managing obvious vulnerabilities and effectively responding to unforeseen circumstances such as pandemics, natural disasters, and so on.

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Any financial analyst should have a very high level of knowledge of such a matter as Investments. Because the vast majority of decisions in financial management begin with this concept, regardless of whether it is a start-up, an operating business a financial analyst works in, or an activity related to perpetual investments. All of them require financial investments of one scope or another in a given period of time. With the help of this course, you will study in detail the matter of investment, and you will also understand all the key indicators any investment decision is based on.

Having mastered the issues of Financial and Economic Modeling and Investment Attractiveness at a very high level, you will professionally learn how to combine them, which will allow you to model the adoption of the best decisions that contribute to the constant growth of the market capitalization of a business, regardless of its size.

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We will also teach you to work very competently with financial statements, which are provided by both public and non-public companies, with the purpose of possible investment in them by buying stocks or bonds. And we will do this using the example of such an incredibly successful company in the modern world like Apple inc.

What you’ll learn

  • You’ll master the principles of financial and economic modeling as the main tool for modeling forecasts of future business development
  • You’ll learn how to create scenario models of the most likely business situations, identify the most vulnerable spots and find the best potential opportunities
  • You’ll learn what investments are and what kind of investments exist
  • You’ll learn the key indicators that allow you to make a real assessment of the investment attractiveness of completely different projects and companies
  • You’ll learn the key principles on which to make the best investment decisions
  • You’ll learn the concept of the value (market capitalization) of a business
  • You’ll learn how, by combining tools of financial and economic modeling and assessment of investment attractiveness, you can systematically increase the mark
  • You’ll learn how to assess the financial and economic condition and investment attractiveness of any company in the world
  • You’ll learn to understand the real role of the Financial Analyst in management of business
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Financial and Economic Modeling and Investments Course Requirements

  • Desire to build a successful career as a financier and investment manager

Who this course is for:

  • For students who want to become top-notch financial analysts and then CFOs
  • For programmers who want to understand the essence of the work of a financier / economist in order to create all kinds of tools for the financial industry
  • For students who want to become top-notch investment managers

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