Find Cybersecurity Jobs Using LinkedIn

Find Cybersecurity Jobs Using LinkedIn. And Learn the power of your Personal Brand.

What you’ll learn

  • Identify cybersecurity jobs you can get into with no experience
  • Identify how to set up the best LinkedIn profile for the cybersecurity job you want
  • Identify how to do personal branding
  • Identify how to send proper initial connection request messages


  • You just need a free LinkedIn account

Find Cybersecurity Jobs Using LinkedIn Course Description

Are you trying to find your first job in cybersecurity but struggling?

Are you tired of buying endless certifications and spending money on college degrees only to find no one wants to hire you?

I used to struggle in finding jobs too because I was following what everyone else was doing.

This course can help you improve your chances of landing your first cybersecurity job because you will learn the power of one thing, learn how to read cybersecurity job descriptions, learn how to properly build your LinkedIn profile for maximum visibility with the right people, and learn the power of your personal brand.

In this course, you will learn how to use LinkedIn to find cybersecurity jobs and identify if you need all of the skills listed in a job description.  You will also learn the power of your personal brand and during the course you will see a real life example of how proper personal branding leads to more opportunities.  While this course is designed for people interested in cybersecurity careers, the information can be used by anyone to improve their LinkedIn and personal brand to get jobs or grow their business.

This course is designed for entry level or aspiring cybersecurity professionals.

This course can also be beneficial for experienced cybersecurity professionals that want to build a better LinkedIn profile to grow their influence in the cybersecurity industry.

Who this course is for:

  • People looking to get entry level cybersecurity jobs
  • Experienced cybersecurity professionals looking to build their personal brand
  • Experienced cybersecurity professionals looking to optimize their profile for their dream job

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