Flutter Tutorials – Create Beautiful Flutter Apps And UIs

Flutter Tutorials – Create Beautiful Flutter Apps And UIs paid course free. You will Create Flutter Apps and UIs from Scratch. This Course Also Contains Flutter with Firebase, Github & Payment Integration

  • Learn How to Create Flutter Apps and UIs
  • Flutter Firebase
  • Flutter Apps UIs with Resources and Explanation
  • Razorpay Payment Integration
  • How to upload Flutter project on Github
  • API Integration
  • File Management
  • Flutter GetX

Flutter Tutorials – Create Beautiful Flutter Apps And UIs Course Requirements

  • Android Studio and Flutter Sdk
  • Basic Flutter Understanding

Flutter Tutorials – Create Beautiful Flutter Apps And UIs Course Description

Flutter Awesome UIs – Create Flutter Apps and UIs from Scratch. Learn about flutter components and packages along with the source code. This course is particularly designed for developers who want to explore flutter and learn about flutter widgets and components and it’s uses. This course will also help you to create flutter app from scratch.

Section 1 : Beautiful Flutter UIs and Apps
01 – Kids Education App UI : Create An Awesome Flutter App with beautiful UI. This video contains beautiful listview and detail page.
02 – File Upload UI : Beautiful UI for integrating uploading feature in your flutter application.
03 – TODO App using GetX : Create a complete todo app in flutter using getx.
04 – Weather App UI : Learn how to Create Weather App in Flutter.
05 – Image Classification App : Image Classification App in Flutter using Image Recognition and Google Teachable Machine
06 – BMI Calculator : Learn how to Create BMI Calculator in Flutter with a beautiful UI.
07 – Simple Counter App using Get Storage and Shared Preferences : Get Storage and Shared Preferences Explained using Simple Counter App
08 – Theme Management App : How to Change App Theme in Flutter Dynamically, using GetX.
09 – Search Bar with API Calls : Learn how to Create Search Bar with API Calls in Flutter.
10 – Text to Speech Convertor : Learn how to convert Text to Speech in Flutter.
11 – Pdf View with Night Mode : Read Pdf Files Comfortably with Night Mode Feature.

Section 2 – Flutter Firebase
01 – Firebase Setup
02 – Firebase Google Authentication
03 – Firebase Screen Models
04 – Firebase CRUD Operations
05 – Firebase Sorting Operations

Section 3 : Miscellaneous
01 – How to Upload Flutter Project on Github 02 – Razorpay Payment Integration

Motivations to learn Flutter :

Expanding Demand for Flutter Developers : Flutter Developers’ interest is expanding step by step in the work market as nearly everybody is moving towards Native application advancement for which Flutter is particularly pertinent. Indeed, even many experienced designers who are in the improvement area for a long time are discovering Flutter more best.

Bigger Community : Think on the off chance that you stalled out in any programming blunder and no one is close to you to direct what’s up. All in all, as an engineer what’ll you do? Right, you search your mistake on Google or in a program and you’ll track down a comparable issue with an answer. What’s more, that is the place where the part of the bigger Flutter people group comes! The Flutter designers local area has seen outstanding development over the most recent couple of years on various QA gatherings like Stack Overflow, and so forth

Better Documentation : Indeed, totally ready documentation is additionally exceptionally fundamental for any system or language to make a decent remaining on the lookout and Flutter has amazing and completely coordinated documentation where you can without much of a stretch gain proficiency with the sentence structure and other required ideas exhaustively. Likewise, as Flutter contain bunches of library and gadgets and you can undoubtedly track down every one of these on Flutter documentation.

Quick Development and Time-Effective : Flutter upholds the quick advancement interaction and saves a great deal of time for the engineers. Initially, with the assistance of different advancing gadgets, you can undoubtedly make an innovative UI/UX plan for your applications. Additionally, it is very simple with Flutter to apply every one of the progressions and to fix messes with in a flash. Besides, with Flutter, there is required less an ideal opportunity to spend on testing and organization of the application.

Simple to Learn : Flutter is relatively simpler to learn and on the off chance that you know JAVA priorly, it turns out to be more advantageous and simpler for you to order over Flutter. Likewise, as Flutter utilizes Dart programming language, you should be capable with the language. You can begin to learn Flutter through watching video instructional exercises and perusing the authority documentation.

We will keep adding new videos to the course, so stay tuned and happy coding 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in programming and designing

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Flutter Tutorials – Create Beautiful Flutter Apps And UIs

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