FlutterFir Crash Course for Beginners – Android & IOS

FlutterFir Crash Course for Beginners – Android & IOS paid course free. You will Learn to build cross-platform applications using Flutter and Firebase in this complete course.


  • Basics of Dart
  • Basics of Flutter
  • Eagerness to learn

FlutterFir Crash Course for Beginners – Android & IOS Description

If you are already a flutter developer and want to be a complete pile developer. Then you should know how to integrate Backend services. The most commonly used database with flutter is fire feed. There are many jobs in this new framework, but the supply of qualified developers is less.

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Therefore, it is time for us to update our skills and take those opportunities as soon as possible. You will learn how to integrate Firebase in this course, which is enough to start starting to request your entry-level dream job.

The flutter is free, and the open-source software development kit is used to develop high-performance cross-platform applications with a single code base. The actual benefit of choosing flutter with firebase as the backend is that it offers a complete application management package.

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From the cloud storage to the database in real-time, accommodation to authentication services, FirsBase will provide everything in one place and satisfy the needs of new companies without problems. Flutterfire is a set of add-ons that allow flutter applications to use FIROSBASE services.

What you will learn in this Course ?

  • Firebase Project Setup
  • Integrating Firebase into Flutter
  • Authentication using Email Password
  • Sign In with Google
  • Integrating Firebase Database
  • CRUD operations
  • Security Rules
  • Build a Note Application
  • Firebase Storage
  • Upload and Retrieving Images
  • Image Compression
  • Caching Network Image
  • Upload Multiple Images
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Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate Flutter Developer
  • People who want to use Firebase with Flutter

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/flutterfire-crash-course-for-beginners-android-ios/

FlutterFir Crash Course for Beginners – Android & IOS

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