8 Free Online Automotive Courses With Certificates

Free Online Automotive Courses With Certificates. Automotive technology has come a long way in recent years, with new features and innovations added to cars on a regular basis. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it can be helpful to take an automotive course online. There are many options available, and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some of the best free automotive courses include those from certified instructors who have passed rigorous certification exams.

These courses usually offer both video lectures and written materials, so you can get a good understanding of the material before taking the test. Many schools also offer certificates of completion, which can be useful if you want to show your skills to potential employers or clients.

Free Online Automotive Courses With Certificates

Now we will provide you the list of online free Automotive courses

1. Car Mechanic Training

In this free online vehicle mechanic training course, you become familiar with the parts that make up a standard motor vehicle. We explore the systems that make up an automobile and explain when they require maintenance. We analyze the costs and considerations that arise when you buy a car so this course can save you time and money as we help prepare you to successfully maintain your vehicle.

2. Automotive Engine Fundamentals

This course is the core professional course for students majoring in automotive engineering and energy and engineering. It mainly introduces the working principles of gasoline engines and diesel engines.

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This course consists of two parts. The first part describes the engine power outputs (dynamic performance) and energy conversion efficiency (fuel economy) integrally, including the engine performance and factors that affect it, fuel, working medium, thermochemistry, the operating cycle, energy utilization, gas exchange process, intake charge quantity, operation characteristics and it’s the match of the entire vehicle, etc.

The second part describes the combustion process and emission characteristics of the engine, including the fundamentals of combustion, the mixture formation and combustion of diesel and gasoline engines, the formation and control of harmful substances, new combustion modes, and other alternative fuel engines, etc. The comparative analysis between the gasoline engine and diesel engine will be conducted during the whole lecture so that students can better understand the working principle of the engine.

3. Complete Electric Vehicle Course

Get an understanding of electric vehicles and learn about leading technologies, the development of profitable business modes.

You will Learn

  • Role of electric vehicles in the energy transition.
  • Basics of electric car and charging technology.
  • Types of electric cars and how they work.
  • Introduction to the business of electric vehicles and its future potential.
  • Policy ambitions and policy instruments for electric mobility.

4. Basics of IC Engine

IC Engine and calculations for power, efficiencies, and Heat Balance Sheet. I C Engine means Internal Combustion Engine. An internal Combustion Engine means an Engine in which combustion takes place inside the engine cylinder.

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I C Engine can be classified as below

1. On the basis of Fuel used: Petrol Engine and Diesel Engine

2. On the basis of strokes of the cycle: 2 strokes and 4 stroke

3. On the basis of combustion cycle: Otto Cycle and Diesel Cycle

4. On the basis of motion: Reciprocating and Rotary Engine

5. Introduction to Electric Vehicles

Identify the subcomponents of an Electric Vehicle through hands-on learning. In this course, you’ll learn how to identify the sub-components of an Electric Vehicle powertrain using an actual example of an MG ZEV crossover SUV. You can then take the skills learned in this course to understand how to deconstruct an EV into its various subcomponents.

  • It is designed for students looking to get an opportunity in the EV industry
  • Professionals who want to take their first step in the EV industry
  • Enthusiasts who are looking to learn hands-on knowledge about an Electric Vehicle

6. An Introduction To Automotive Locksmithing & Lishi Picking

Learn How To Start A Highly Profitable Locksmith Business From Home. If you’re interested in learning how to pick car locks and become a well-paid locksmith then this crash course is for you.

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You will Learn

  • How To Become An Automotive Locksmith
  • How To Pick Car Locks
  • Lishi Pick & Decoder Training
  • How To Pick & Decode Car Locks
  • What You Need To Become An Auto Locksmith
  • Locksmith Course

7. Modern And Standard Tip To Diagnose And Fix Vehicles

This is a free course and a part of the complete course which is also available on Udemy. It just gives insight and some practical videos to Modern Automotive Repairs Tips. It is part of the main course.

You will Learn

  • Modern practices in Automotive Diagnostics and Repairs
  • Standard Automotive Diagnostics and Repairs practice
  • Automotive problem-solving techniques
  • How to fix miscellaneous Automotive faults
  • The Future of Automotive Technology

8. Automotive Protocols

In this course, we have brought you the commonly asked Interview Questions & Answers for your better understanding of how to drive the relevant answers. The completion of this course brings you the confidence to handle interviews without fear.

All the very best !! Learn as much as possible 

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