Game AI Fundamentals with Godot Engine

Game AI Fundamentals with Godot Engine paid course free. You will Learn to how code common game AI features in the Godot Engine in this complete course.

  • Vision Systems
  • Leading Shots
  • State Machines
  • Team-Based Combat
  • Optimized Pathfinding for Hundreds of Npcs
  • Accuracy and Aiming Systems

Game AI Fundamentals with Godot Engine Course Requirements

  • experience with programming in the Godot Engine

Game AI Fundamentals with Godot Engine Course Description

This course covers a series of algorithms that I use when designing and making npcs in games to fight against players or against players.

These are such as sighting systems used to manage the cone and line of sight, sighting systems aimed at the target at a set turning speed, self-guided missiles, initial shots when launching projectiles with and without gravity, accurate systems to simulate More realistic precision mainly shoots, optimizes the wayfinding of hundreds of NPCs, team and group battle systems for large-scale battles between NPCs, and a state machine that simulates patrols, guards, attacks, and deaths.

This course is suitable for Godot engine, but if you are a programmer with some experience, you may easily translate the code.

There is a stupid and useless new “feature” that requires you to have two hundred words in the description, which is completely useless and wastes people’s time, so here are some extra words. The literal increase is nothing but to help me achieve Number of words required Some stupid executives may decide to make the courses on this website look more professional, when in fact professionals want short and direct content without stupid and arbitrary requirements.

This course aims to be as concise and clear as possible, and uses a unique course-based approach, in which I provide a partially set game scene that contains defined problems that need to be solved (for example, starting to shoot when the target moves). Then I will explain in the past how to write the algorithms needed to solve this problem.

Who this course is for:

  • game developers with experience with Godot Engine


Game AI Fundamentals with Godot Engine

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