Game Development in JS – The Complete Guide (w/ Phaser 3)

Game Development in JS – The Complete Guide (w/ Phaser 3) free download paid course from google drive. You will Start building your own games and publish them on Facebook. Learn how to create HTML5 games in Javascript with Phaser 3 in this complete course.

  • Developing games by creating the games
  • Fundamentals of game development
  • Use Javascript to develop games for Facebook
  • Publish your own game on Facebook Instant Games

Game Development in JS – The Complete Guide (w/ Phaser 3) Course Requirements

  • Minimal Javascript or other programming language knowledge

Game Development in JS – The Complete Guide (w/ Phaser 3) Course Description

What is Phaser?

Phaser is a framework for creating HTML based games in Javascript. It’s very simple to use and get started with. It provides a full set of features to create professional games ready to be published on different platforms. Such as Facebook Instant Games, IOS, or Android platforms.

What we are going to build?

In this course, you will learn how to create your own games from scratch in Javascript with the Phaser framework.

All concepts will be taught by creating real games which we are going to publish on Facebook Instant Games.

You will get an understanding of concepts you can use in any other game development platform like Unity or Unreal engine.

Now, let’s introduce briefly games & concepts you are going to work on,

The first game will be a simple flappy bird clone. You will learn how to initialize the Phaser Game and how to use and manipulate physical concepts like gravity and velocity among many others.

We will show, how to create different game objects such as player and pipes blocking the way. You will learn how to re-use game objects so every time pipe will reach the start of the screen it will get recycled at the end.

We will create a difficulty system and we will keep track of the score. Our game will contain multiple scenes such as menu scene, score scene, pause, and play scene.

The second game will be more complicated. We will work on a platformer game where the main character will be able to jump on platforms. The main goal of the game will be to collect as many diamonds as possible, avoid or eliminate enemies and make it to the second level,

On the design of the map, we will be working in the Tiled editor. I will show you how to create different tile and object layers which we will later bring to life in our game.

You will learn how to create different types of attacks like melee attacks and launch projectiles. We will create different types of enemies and we will animate them.

We will work on a well-known detection concept called Raycasting which we will create completely from the scratch. The player will be able to receive damage from enemies & traps and when health will reach 0 or the player will fall off, the game will be lost and restarted

Our game will have multiple levels that will be unlocked after the player will reach the finish line. Unlocked levels will be displayed in the level scene. Upon reaching the last level game will be finished and credits will be displayed.

There is much much more covered in the lectures so I hope to see you in the course!

Who this course is for:

  • People looking for the practical game development guide
  • Beginner developers eager to start developing games
  • Experienced developers discovering new development opportunities


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