[2021] Get Your Dream Job in Tech – An Insider’s Guide

[2021] Get Your Dream Job in Tech – An Insider’s Guide paid course free. You will Learn Ex-Google, Microsoft, IBM & Accenture Execs teach how to write a killer resume/CV & answer tough interview questions

[2021] Get Your Dream Job in Tech – An Insider’s Guide Course Requirements

  • Anyone interested in a career in tech can take this course

[2021] Get Your Dream Job in Tech – An Insider’s Guide Course Description

Do you want to get a job at a start-up or a tech giant like Google? Or maybe you want to go into consulting and work for a company like Accenture? Then, this is the course for you!

Learn From Tech Insiders

62% of Tech applicants commit resume fails. Why? Because resume writing is typically not taught by hiring managers. Until now. We have over 30+ years’ experience working in the Tech industry and during that time we’ve assessed candidates (25,000+ reviewed, 8,000+ interviewed, 1,000+ hired) in Europe, North America and Asia. We’ve created this course to share what we’ve learnt.

Learn How To Present Your Best Self To Your Next Employer

We follow a simple step-by-step approach that has been designed to show you examples along the way, covering:

  • How to write a next gen, search optimised resume/CV by following 15 rules
  • How to write an impactful cover letter by following 5 rules
  • How to supercharge your LinkedIn© Network in 6 steps
  • How to prepare for an interview in 10 steps
  • How to set up for success in video interviews by following 10 steps
  • How to address commonly asked questions
  • How to answer competency-based questions
  • How to answer questions specific to your role (as a Scrum Master, Data Visualisation Analyst, UX Designer etc)
  • Interview tips from hiring managers

By the end of this course, you will have learnt how to present your best self to employers and be able to walk confidently into an interview room ready to answer questions about your dream job.

Who this course is for:

  • Current students and recent graduates
  • People considering a career change
  • Job seekers who want to improve their results

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/get-your-dream-job-in-tech/

[2021] Get Your Dream Job in Tech – An Insider’s Guide

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