Getting Started with Todoist

Getting Started with Todoist paid course free. You will Learn how to be more productive today with one of the most powerful task management tools available in this complete course.

Getting Started with Todoist Course Requirements

  • You should be familiar with general web practices, such as navigating websites and installing browser extensions.
  • Before following along with this course, you should have a Todoist account. You can follow along with a free Todoist account before deciding if a Pro account is for you

Getting Started with Todoist Course Description

You can be more productive right now. Learn how by taking full advantage of the popular task management tool Todoist. Millions of people around the world rely on Todoist every day to help them get stuff done.

We’ll start this course by getting an overview of Todoist’s interface. We’ll get familiar with some of the terminology and features you’ll come across when using Todoist. Some of the features we’ll cover include:

  • Understanding projects
  • Adding and using labels
  • Search queries and syntax
  • Saved searches with filters
  • Gamification with Todoist karma
  • Setting up mobile, location and time-based reminders

After we’re familiar with some of the core fundamental concepts, we’ll start learning some more advanced features. We’ll learn how to share projects, assign tasks to others and how we can save time by using project templates. We’ll also learn how we can organize tasks using labels, work with filters, list and board views, use sections, sync Todoist with Google Calendar, take advantage of reminders and so much more. We’ll wrap up this course with a look at how I use Todoist so you can steal ideas to help you hit the ground running.

By the end of this course, you’ll be armed with the tools you need to be a more productive and effective person using Todoist’s powerful features.

Who this course is for:

  • This Todoist course is meant for anyone who needs to get familiar with Todoist’s interface, features and wants to dig deeper into being more productive with it. This course isn’t for someone who’s just looking to play around with Todoist, but instead is targeted at someone who needs to start being more productive as soon as possible.
  • While Todoist’s mobile apps are powerful and definitely something you should be using, this course focuses on Todoist’s web interface to discuss the features and tools.


Getting Started with Todoist

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