Go Full Stack JWT Authorization With Spring Boot and Angular

Go Full Stack JWT Authorization With Spring Boot and Angular. JWT Authorization and Authentication, Java, Json Web Token, Access Token vs refresh Token, MySQL, Hibernate, Maven

  • Full Stack Development with Spring Boot and Angular
  • Spring Boot Model View Controller Structure
  • Angular Model View Controller Structure
  • Java Full Stack Development

Go Full Stack JWT Authorization With Spring Boot and Angular Course Requirements

  • Basic Java knowledge

Go Full Stack JWT Authorization With Spring Boot and Angular Course Description

In this tutorial, you will create a role as a user manager. When you think of user management, you can think of it as a login page, a registration page where users can log in and register. You can list all users and then view their content. .

But we will use this service to use Spring Boot, Angular, and MySQL. In our work, we will be using CRUD. These CRUD services are for you. Use the user interface to log in, register, and authorize operations.

Angular needs these CRUD functions. Therefore, we developed a configuration for the CRUD function on the back and provided the user interface on the frontend. Professional staff do our job. Our main functions are user login, registration, username, etc. We will continue our application. Therefore, we use many services such as “Admin”, “User”. Employees have duties such as login and enrollment. However, management functions have some special functions, such as listing all employees. Then assign these employees different responsibilities depending on their job. All of this is provided in the Angular and Spring Boot safe.

There are two main reasons for doing this project. These are the server side and the user side. On the server side:

Of course, our main source here will be water. We will use freshwater to complete all the processes on our back. It allows quick and easy configuration.

We will adhere to our building standards and practices.

Waterproofing will be the main theme of our application. It also uses JWT protection. You will also see the difference between a plug-in and a new sign in the JWT section. In the spring, data is transmitted to users based on API calls, so they are processed with water.

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We will use MySQL for our data. Because most of us can use it. We will also use interactive mapping with the Java Persistence API and Hibernate.

As you know, we can hibernate to display database information for those purposes. We will be using JPA storage and Crud storage in Spring Boot. Therefore, these types of folders also use database functions such as storing, updating, locating and deleting.

In the spring, I will use the Lombok library to delete the numbers. You know we don’t want to use getters, setters, equations, and hashcodes. So you can escape by using Lombok @Data or @Uru description. I use Maven to manage the backup of all server components. Of course, you can also use Gradle here. Gradle offers better performance than maven, but Maven is superior. So start with the maven.

Everything is on the server side. Let’s talk about buyers.

We will create the application next to the Angular user and provide a better user interface. Therefore, we will create pages like admin dashboard, login page and subscription page. Then you put the server API on this page and eat and create files from the UI easily and simply.

Angular also uses building design principles. We will use good features like tools etc.

Finally, we also use security and authority for Angular. We will use a lot of functions, and depending on the functions, we will always use an unauthorized page and not see it in the user interface. We will explain them one by one.

This training includes:
Every developer wants to know more about JWT features

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