Grant Writing for Teachers

Grant Writing for Teachers paid course free. Tips to research and get your grants funded!. Would your classroom look like four blank walls with desks if you moved or took another job? 

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Grant Writing for Teachers Course Description

Would your classroom look like four blank walls with desks if you moved or took another job? Did you have to buy materials in your classroom to make it look like you wanted and so that your students had the learning opportunities they deserve? Are you ready to stop spending money on your classroom?

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Are you ready to stop spending so much time looking for and writing grants? You can fully fund your classroom and attain the supplies for your students to raise academic achievement scores and to just have ANY items you want in your room! By taking this grant writing course for teachers, you will be able to experience having the classroom of your dreams. This course will show you how to use grants for the resources that your students need to achieve academic success.

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Here you will learn where to start with grant-writing, ideas of which websites to use,  how to prepare and plan grants, mistakes to avoid, and grant proposal steps. Other modules include protocols to follow, grant-writing time savers, examples of grants, and videos and pictures of real resources used in my classroom.

You will learn the steps that I took to receive over 50,000 dollars worth of resources for my classroom. The ideal student is a teacher who needs help providing the resources that their students need or an administrator who needs help providing resources for his or her teachers or students in the school.

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Who this course is for:

  • Teachers
  • Administrators


Grant Writing for Teachers

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