Download Hands On Sketch 4 Masterclass Learn Web And Mobile Design

Hands On Sketch 4 Masterclass Learn Web And Mobile Design 2020 Free Download

Free Download Hands On Sketch 4 Masterclass Learn Web And Mobile Design free download paid course in free.

Learn one of the hottest programs for graphic design
Get the skills and confidence to create app screens, logos, and webpages

Learn about plugins and increase your productivity

Export your designs and send them to clients or developers
Test your skills with design challenges and tasks
Students must purchase the sketch or download the trial version from the App Store
Windows users: You need to run OS X in a virtual environment
Strong desire to learn one of the most popular programs around

Hands On Sketch 4 Masterclass Learn Web And Mobile Design

After the success of my previous courses in Sketch, I created this course to showcase Sketch 4 and packed it with tons of new content. In this immersive course, I’ll take you to step by step through the basics of sketch and show you how to design mobile app screens, web pages, logos, and more.

After completing the course, you will have the confidence and real-world experience to start creating your own designs with Sketch.

Course Outline:

Get started with the basics: learn to draw and change shapes, manage your workspace, change images and customize fonts
Magazine Cover Project: We collect brainstorm, inspiration, and custom fonts, create a wireframe, and then create our final design

Recommended Course

Web Page Project: Follow as we re-create content for the best-selling web page template from header to footer

Mobile App Screens: Learn the methods of creating the most popular mobile app interfaces
Logos: Step-by-step walkthrough to create more than a dozen logos
Knowledge Check: Your understanding of the topics covered will be tested in the form of quizzes, design challenges, and assignments
Class Resources & Support:

You will see the process you use when designing and where I get my resources
If you need a question, comment or help, post it in the Q&A section or in the Facebook group
Start your journey and find out why many fast-growing companies are using Sketch.

This course is for:
Beginners looking to test the waters of graphic design and change careers
Developers are eager to become double-threatened by creating their own content

Created by Arend Prior
Last updated 5/2020
English [Auto-Generated]

Size: 3.18 GB

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