How to Draw Anything with Powerpoint

How to Draw Anything with Powerpoint. No need to have graphic design skills! Easily create any object, illustration or image that you want inside Powerpoint

What you’ll learn

  • Create any object inside Powerpoint
  • Reproduce any shape that you want
  • Easily set the right colors
  • Generate 3D/depth effects


  • Powerpoint Office 365 Subscription version (ideally)

How to Draw Anything with Powerpoint Course

⏱️ Learn in less than 3 hours how to create any graphic using Powerpoint!

Do you need to create graphic designs for your presentations, videos and more, but you don’t have design skills? No problem! I don’t have either. But thanks to the process that I teach in this course, you will be able to create pretty much any illustration that you want inside Powerpoint alone. No need for any other software!

It’s pretty simple: you won’t create anything from scratch. Rather, you will reproduce an illustration on top of any existing picture. At the end, it will look like a really nice custom graphic object. I tried to make it short, so in a few hours you will be able to master this technique that I now personally use for my online courses and youtube videos. But of course, you can apply it in any other context.

We are going to recreate two amazing things in this course: the Crew Dragon capsule by SpaceX and the Airbus A380 aircraft. You will learn how to reproduce any shape that you want, how to set the right colors and how to create shadows, depth and 3D effects to make everything look even cooler.

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Who this course is for:

  • Graphic or Video Creators
  • Online Instructors
  • YouTubers
  • And more…

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