How to Speak Japanese Cross-culturally (All Levels)

How to Speak Japanese Cross-culturally (All Levels) paid course free. You will Learn how to speak to Japanese hearts – how to sound reliable – how to become their indispensable partner (all levels)

  • Select phrases to spark a real connection with Japanese business partners
  • Culturally meaningful expressions to promote empathy and build trust
  • How to sound more reliable even with only basic fluency
  • Japan-specific intercultural communication skills

How to Speak Japanese Cross-culturally (All Levels) Course Requirements

  • This course is for learners of all Japanese proficiencies
  • It will be particularly useful to those who feel they have difficulties building rapport with native speakers.

How to Speak Japanese Cross-culturally (All Levels) Course Description

Have you ever thought that your business skills might not seem the best because of your limited knowledge of Japanese? If this sounds familiar, then you are right! If you cannot afford to spend months learning the language, but want to establish an emotional connection with a Japanese colleague or client, this course will be a unique opportunity for you to achieve your goals. It is always best to be polite in cross-cultural communication.

However, this does not mean that you cannot be true, or that you must give up being unable to show your true value. This course will not teach you another set of situational phrases that you find in most courses. It teaches you “what is missing”: how to communicate at a deeper level and promote levers that are usually out of reach of foreigners.

The effect is to make Japanese interlocutors feel comfortable with you. The elusive dimension that language courses cannot show you: arousing this deeper cultural level will be the key to persuading your peers to trust you and giving you the opportunity to become their indispensable colleague or partner. All of this comes with a simple “connection” phrase that anyone, regardless of their language skills, can use in face-to-face interaction and written communication every day. Want to know how you should do this as a beginner?

Secret 1: The idea of ​​this course and the language I will share are inspired by real field trips. For 30 years, I have worked with Japanese companies in 20 countries to provide cross-cultural training programs for a total of 20,000 Japanese managers and their foreign counterparts.

Tip 2: The course pays special attention to convey the correct context to use phrases to produce the correct impact. But, in the end, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get the exact context. These prayers are like this, and those who hear them will be impressed by your efforts to familiarize yourself with the local way of working.

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The concept behind Japanese business practices. Therefore, not only can you understand the meaning of these phrases, but you can also understand what cultural levers are being pushed in the minds of Japanese people when they are used. This knowledge is an exclusive course of this course and will become a valuable asset in your cross-cultural toolbox.

Let me ask you an important question.

Are you perhaps feeling distant from your Japanese acquaintances?

Are you unsure whether your Japanese counterparts are speaking their true minds to you?

So, by the end of the course, you will be able to:

1. Understand the Five Golden Rules for connecting with the Japanese

2. Learn select connecting phrases and the right context for them

3. Acquire Japanese communication skills and crosscultural knowledge

4. Know how to become an indispensable partner of Japanese people

The Japanese, in their hearts, are eager for you to step forward and help them drop their polite mask to connect. I want to help you become such a person — by Speaking Japanese Cross-culturally!

See you inside the video.

N.B. This is a new course, so I would very much appreciate your comments and suggestions. Thank you in advance.

Who this course is for:

  • Learners who want to learn the select phrases to “connect” with Japanese business partners at any language level
  • Anyone who has not been able to give 100% of his/her talent in working with Japanese because of the language skill
  • Learners who want to win confidence of and build bond with Japanese people at work or in private
  • Non-Japanese employees of a Japanese company who want to understand Japanese work culture and build career


How to Speak Japanese Cross-culturally (All Levels)

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