In-depth study of data structure and algorithms

In-depth study of data structure and algorithms paid course free. You will Learn In-depth study of data structure and algorithms (interview + java code)

  • Understand what is a data structure
  • Master the definition, implementation, and interview questions of arrays
  • Array interview questions
  • Definition of linked list
  • Add, delete, modify and query of linked list
  • Doubly linked list operations
  • Doubly linked list in java
  • Insertion and deletion of doubly linked list
  • What is a circular linked list
  • Stack and queue implementation
  • Basic sorting algorithm
  • Tree and binary tree
  • Four traversals of trees

In-depth study of data structure and algorithms Course Requirements

  • Basic code reading ability
  • Basic java code programming skills
  • Install eclipse and other programming software


Have you encountered the following situations: In the interview, you don’t know how to analyze the algorithm questions given by the interviewer; in actual work, you don’t know how to choose and use the appropriate data structure, such as In a program with more query operations, should I use a sequence list or a linked list; multiple network download tasks, how should I schedule them to obtain network resources? You may think of queues. How to use queues to solve this problem? Can this problem be solved if the data structure of the heap is used instead of the queue?

All of the above problems can be solved after you learn the data structure!

The data structure is a way of storing and organizing data in a computer. It tells us how to transform real-world problems into computer language.

In many programming processes, the choice of data structure is the most basic design consideration. The construction experience of many systems has shown that the difficulty of system realization and the quality of system construction depend heavily on whether the optimal data structure is selected. Many times, after the data structure is determined, the algorithm is easy to get. Familiar with the data structure can make your programming ability have a qualitative improvement; and, whether it is school recruitment or social recruitment, the data structure is the part that will definitely be the focus of the interview.

The data structure is so important. Because it is relatively abstract, it is still difficult to master it systematically.

This course system summarizes the knowledge of all the most commonly used data structures, and starts with the definition, design methods, and operation algorithms of these data structures, and leads everyone to understand the most classic data structures.

In addition, this course provides practical application cases for each data structure and written interview questions related to data structures in recent years, so that everyone can intuitively understand the design concepts of these data structures, so as to better solve the problems in actual work. Questions and successfully passed the written examination and interview for school recruitment and social recruitment related to the data structure.

Course highlights

  • Explanation of core data structure
  • Sorted out the real questions of written interviews in recent years. Through the analysis of the data structure knowledge frequently inspected in the interview, you are not afraid of data structure inspections.
  • From the basic definition to the analysis of the underlying principles, you can have a deeper understanding of the data structure

What will you gain?

  • Data structure is very important for both school students and old drivers in the workplace who are already working. There is a classic addition problem circulating in the market: program = data structure + algorithm.
  • Having a solid foundation in data structure allows you to more confidently respond to the interviewer’s questions when looking for a job; to solve work problems more freely; and to improve your programming ability more quickly.
  • We believe that for students who are preparing to enter the computer industry, studying this column can give you a good start and a glimpse of the mystery of the computer world.
  • For students who are or are preparing to find a job, studying this course will allow you to quickly and comprehensively master the important knowledge of data structure, and help your written examinations and interviews.
  • For those engineers with rich work experience, studying this course can also allow you to review and consolidate knowledge of data structures and improve work efficiency.

Who this course is for:

  • Students learning IT skills
  • IT job seekers


In-depth study of data structure and algorithms

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