Instagram Marketing 2022 – Strategies & Promotion

Instagram Marketing 2021 – Strategies & Promotion paid course free for all. You will Promote your business by leveraging influencer marketing, hashtag strategies, content marketing and branding

  • How to optimise your profile for business
  • How to gain targeted Instagram followers that engage with your content
  • Influencer marketing and how to get an ROI from sponsorships
  • How to create a hashtag strategy and appear in the explore page
  • How to create compelling content for your account
  • Social media strategy step by step
  • Tips on photography and how to create a visual identity
  • Strategic tips to grow and have an optimised Instagram Account.

Instagram Marketing Course Requirements

  • Mobile device
  • Access to internet
  • Instagram app installed
  • No prior experience required with Instagram.

Instagram Marketing Course Description

Growing up on Instagram can be frustrating and complicated, especially if you have no previous experience. There are so many similar accounts, but how do you stand out from the crowd? This course will teach you everything you need to successfully market your business on the platform.

At the end of this course, you will be able to use Instagram exponentially. Increase your sales, beat your competitors and become the Instagram leader in your market segment, while creating a passionate fan community, ready to buy your products and indulge in your Instagram content.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to get your account set up and optimised for business use
  • Which posting options to use and when to have the best outcome for your content
  • Social media strategy step by step
  • Influencer marketing and how to increase your brand awareness and followers
  • Hashtag strategy to increase your reach and appear on the explore page
  • Tips to create a visual identity with Instagram photography
  • Strategy tips to grow your business account and sell on Instagram
  • Bonus: 30 day content planner for compelling content that you can plan ahead

Think of it like this:

-More likes and follows from your ideal audience

-Posts full of genuine comments and replies

-Captivating content that speaks to your audience

-DM’s inquiring about your products & services

-More collaborations and sponsored posts

-Raving fans excited and wanting to buy your products

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners: Easy to follow course
  • Startups and entrepreneurs
  • Personal Users who want to learn how to market their Instagram account for a personal product/service they sell
  • Anyone interested in using Instagram for business growth and marketing


Intagram Marketing Course

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