Introduction to Data Virtualisation

Introduction to Data Virtualisation. Foundations of Data Virtualisation for complete beginners. Data is most likely your organization’s most valuable asset, yet many struggles with fragmented data landscapes with streaming, structured, semi-structured, and aggregated data sitting across a range of data sources. Data Virtualisation removes the need to physically move this data to a central repository for exploration and analysis and acts as a single, unified access point for users to query and manipulate data across a range of data sources.

Data Virtualisation Course

Organizations across various sectors like Financial Services, telecommunications, IT, Mass Media, and pharmaceuticals are applying data Virtualisation technology to realize their data strategies and digital transformation. Analysts are predicting even wider adoption of Data Virtualisation, in fact, Gartner has estimated that by the end of 2022 around 60% of organizations will implement Data Virtualisation as a key delivery style in their data integration architecture. It is therefore critical that as Data Professionals or Enthusiasts, we begin to familiarise ourselves with Data Virtualisation solutions and leverage the lessons learned from existing deployments to help build and exploit one of the most important data integration patterns today.

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Until now, it has been fairly difficult for learners to readily access curated materials on the topic of Data Virtualisation, largely due to the fairly patchy and technical landscape that we need to navigate when trying to understand the subject area. This course is a game-changer, bringing to life the starting point for your journey to becoming an expert in Data Virtualisation. I’m a knowledgeable Data & Analytics professional, with many years of experience in developing and implementing data strategies for c-suite clients. I have built this course based on my experiences and lessons learned in analyzing and deploying Data Virtualisation solutions at FTSE 500 clients.

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This course is aimed at learners, such as data-focused professionals, with an interest in the latest trends in data architecture, data integration, and data management, and with no prior exposure to Data Virtualisation technologies. It’s your guaranteed stepping stone to a solid foundation, ensured to make you comfortable with the terminology used in the field of Data Virtualisation. You will also be able to articulate the importance of Data Virtualisation, its underlying architecture and industry applications, as well as the vendor landscape.

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What you’ll learn

  • Define Data Virtualisation and the core drivers behind this technology
  • Understand the common applications and use cases of Data Virtualisation
  • Discuss the security, governance and performance optimisation capabilities of a Data Virtualisation solution

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with an interest in Data Virtualisation, or Data Architecture
  • Data-focused professionals or enthusiasts
  • Individuals at the start of their journey in Data Virtualisation, Data Integration or Data Fabrics

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