Introduction to real time FX in Unreal Engine 5

Introduction to real time FX in Unreal Engine 5 .In the first hour I am using UE4, after that I am using UE5, but don’t worry, everything you see in UE4 is applicable in UE5

This course is a project-based course, that is, you will learn Niagara by creating effects.
No presentations, no wasted time, it's all about creating effects.
This course is brand new and will update up to 10 hours of effect creation in 3 months.

Niagara is the most powerful and flexible particle system of the game engines,

With Niagara, the technical artist has the ability to create additional functionality on their own, without the help of a programmer. He can create very complicated effects without using a single line of code. It is flexible and easy to understand. I’ll show you the powerful particle system in an unreal engine by creating a wide variety of effects in real time.

We are going to start dinner simple and then gradually move to create more attractive and professional effects.

This course is for beginners who don’t know anything about Niagara or those who want to dive into real-time FX.

After you finish watching this course, you will have a solid understanding of Niagara and can create your own real-time FX with confidence.
This is what we were going to do:

Quick introduction to emitters and the Niagara system. Creating missile effect.
Stylized fire.
Stylized explosion.
Creating Energy Ball. Before enrolling in this course, you should have a basic understanding of the Unreal engine, such as understanding the user interface and basic knowledge of materials.

The first hour of the course is using ue4, after that I am using Unreal Engine 5, you can apply anything you see in UE4 to UE5 classes.

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