Introduction to Statics – Engineering Mechanics

Introduction to Statics – Engineering Mechanics paid course free. You will Understand Mechanics from scratch: the one statics course you need to get started with engineering statics and mechanics

  • statics
  • Mechanics
  • Equilibrium of a particle and of a body
  • Reactions of surfaces and of supports
  • Free body diagram
  • Position, velocity and acceleration
  • Newton’s laws
  • Working with forces
  • Torque
  • Engineering mechanics
  • mechanical engineering
  • engineering
  • fundamentales of statics

Introduction to Statics – Engineering Mechanics Course Requirements

  • Basic algebra
  • don’t worry about anything else, we will explain everything as we go

Introduction to Statics – Engineering Mechanics Course Description

Engineering mechanics, especially statics is the backbone of all mechanical engineering disciplines. being comfortable with the concepts of statics is an essential component in your toolbox on your path to be a successful engineer.

In this course we will go from understanding very basic concepts of physics like time, length and mass step by step through studying motion and working with forces and force components into understanding equilibrium of particles and bodies

After finishing the course you will be able to isolate mechanical subsystems and represent them with their free body diagram including the external forces acting on it and the reactions of the supports.

the following concepts will be discussed in the course

  • Section one: The fundamentals
    • What is mechanics
    • The building blocks of mechanics: Time, length and mass
    • Motion: Position, velocity and acceleration
  • Section two: Newton Laws
    • Newtons first law: What is there is no force?
    • Newton’s second law: What if there is a force? 
    • Newton’s third law: What happens to objects that apply force?
  • Equilibrium and working with forces
    • Force
    • Weight
    • Equilibrium of a particle
    • Breaking forces into their components, working with a force as a vector
    • The Moment of a force
    • Equilibrium of a body
  • Reactions and FBD
    • Reaction of smooth and rough surfaces
    • Friction
    • Reactions of supports
    • Smooth and rough surfaces
    • Roller supports,
    • Pinned connections
    • Fixed connections
    • Sliding supports
    • Free body diagram FBD

the course will be followed by three other courses as a part of a complete engineering mechanics module

we are looking forward to have you in this engaging and rewarding course!

Who this course is for:

  • High school students looking to understand statics and mechanics
  • Beginner students of engineering statics and mechanics
  • Non-engineers interested in engineering


Introduction to Statics – Engineering Mechanics

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