Leaflet Mobile GIS Mapping

Leaflet Mobile GIS Mapping paid course free. You will Using Flutter Mobile UI FrameworkAre you are a Full Stack Mobile App Developer or GIS expert that would like to build aesthetically pleasing interactive cross-platform Mobile GIS Mapping Applications quickly

  • Integrate Flutter with Leaflet
  • Build Cloud Based Mobile GIS App
  • Use the OpenRoute Service API
  • Implement Flutter Asynchronous Programming Features
  • Use Backendless to Store data and Authenticate Users
  • Create Polygons, Circles, Rectangles, Lines, Markers and Popups
  • Create GeoJson Types
  • Add Shapes and GeoJSON Types to Maps
  • Draw Routes between two points on maps
  • Get Route Directions, Distance and Duration

Leaflet Mobile GIS Mapping Course Requirements

  • Knowledge of Android Studio, Visual Studio Code, Android Emulators, iPhone Simulators
  • Knowledge of Flutter SDK UI toolkit, Dart programming, Javascript, HTML, CSS, JSON, SQL
  • Basic Knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Leaflet Mobile GIS Mapping Course Description

Are you are a Full Stack Mobile App Developer or GIS expert that would like to build aesthetically pleasing interactive cross-platform Mobile GIS Mapping Applications quickly? If so, then you have come to the place you have been looking for.

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Why use Leaflet and Flutter to build  Mobile GIS Mapping Applications? Leaflet is a JavaScript Library with a small footprint of about 39KB in size that has the mapping features that you will need in your mapping projects. It was designed with simplicityperformance and usability in mind and works very well on mobile and desktop platforms. These characteristics have made Leaflet to be trusted by companies that include Flickr, Facebook, The Washington Post, and Foursquare.

Flutter uses an interface declarative language that will enable you to develop sleek and fluid user interfaces quickly using google material design tools. In addition, it uses a single code base for  Android and iOS platforms that will save you time and effort without sacrificing the performance of the application. You will also increase the time to the market speed because of Hot Reload feature that applies changes almost instantly, without losing the current application state and because the framework provides a  variety of ready-to-use widgets.

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A practical approach has been used in delivering the course by developing a mobile Dairy application to link Dairy Farmers and Customers. The application will be built from scratch line by line. Furthermore, the course has been designed with engaging assignments at the end of sections that have a component of coding. The approach is aimed at providing a hands-on mastery of Leaflet GIS mapping skills using Flutter. The Full Source code for the Dairy App will be made available for download in the last lecture.

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By the end of the course, you will have acquired practical mobile GIS Leaflet mapping skills that will enable you to develop applications that will include Contact Tracing, Transport Routes Mapping, Property Management, Crime Mapping and Customer Location

Who this course is for:

  • Developers and GIS experts who would like to build cross platform mobile friendly Interactive Mapping Applications quickly using Leaflet and Flutter

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/mobile-gis-leaflet-mapping/

Leaflet Mobile GIS Mapping

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