Learn Automation in Jira with real-world examples

Learn Automation in Jira with real-world examples paid course free. You will Learn Jira’s automation tool through multiple real-world examples to automate the mundane tasks and gain efficiency

Learn Automation in Jira with real-world examples Course Requirements

  • Familiarity and basic knowledge of JIRA
  • If you’re looking to follow along, you would need access to a JIRA Standard Cloud instance (free trial is available )

Learn Automation in Jira with real-world examples Course Description

This course will teach you how to use the valuable automation tools in Jira. This tool (previously a paid add-on) has proven so popular and useful that it was taken over by Atlassians themselves and is now included in every cloud subscription. However, it is still a plug-in available on Jira Server.

Automation for Jira allows you to configure Triggers, Conditions and Actions, where you can listen to specific events in Jira to trigger automation rules, then check certain conditions and perform some corresponding actions… We will understand through real-world examples

This tool, some of which include:

Send a notification (email/slack) when an issue is created with a specific priority, or when the priority is set to a specific value, or just when the priority has been updated by automatically assigning issues and in all teams Balance the workload among members, automatically assign the workload to the development team, merge the problem data into the automation logic, and include it in the notification to automatically and schedule repetitive tasks (such as creating repetitive problems) to track the problem to The number of times a specific state will publish the filtered result list to Slack at the same time every day of the week. Use smart logic to update the questions in batches, etc…


  • Introduction and background – Introduce the tool, talk about background and other logistics and get our first look at an automation rule     
  • Basic Rules – We’ll start with the basics and introduce you to many highly useful features and capabilities such as smart values, branch rules, and take a look at certain triggers and actions   
  • Advanced Rules  Now you’ve got the hang of it so here we’ll just see more examples, many of which use more advanced triggers/actions and general automation logic.

Hope to see you inside 🙂

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to learn and use Jira more effectively
  • Any existing Jira administrators looking to learn and take advantage of the automation functionality
  • Any existing Jira project administrators looking to utilize automations in their projects

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Learn Automation in Jira with real-world examples

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