Learn Azure Functions using .Net Core (Beginners & Advanced)

Learn Azure Functions using .Net Core (Beginners & Advanced). In this Azure Functions course, you will learn starting from the Azure Functions Fundamentals to developing the .Net Core application using various trigger types. We will start with the basics and later on, we will practically implement these triggers types in the demo application with a real-world example.

This course will help the learners to understand the different terminologies and concepts related to Azure Functions and they will be able to work on Azure Functions after the completion of this course.

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It also covers how the Function app can be deployed on Azure and the deployed Functions can be accessed in the Client applications or in the third party clients like Postman for testing these functions.

The demo application under this course is developed using .NET Core and C# so prior knowledge of these skills is required which will help the learners to gain maximum out  of this course.

Visual studio 2019 is used for the development of application and the learners can download the Community version of Visual Studio from the Microsoft Official website the link for the same is provided in the resources.

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As Azure Functions triggers uses different other Azure services like Service Bus, Blob, Event Grid so these services are also explained so that the learner can easily understand and  work on them without being worried about learning them first.

  • Learn different concepts related to Azure Functions and how to implement different Trigger types in an Enterprise Application
  • Configuring the Azure Functions & using different Azure Services in a Function App
  • Learn how to develop Function app with the real world example that interacts with database using .Net Core and C#
  • Concepts related to Triggers & Bindings
  • Learn different Trigger types in the demo project
  • Test & deploy Azure Functions
  • Learn & use different other Azure services in the demo project
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