Learn Business Data Analysis with SQL and Tableau

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Learn Business Data Analysis with SQL and Tableau paid course free. You will Improve your Business Analytical Skills with with SQL and Data Visualization in this complete course.

  • Understand Relational database Terminology
  • Install and Use MS SQL Server and Tableau
  • Learn SQL commands and functions needed for Select queries
  • Create complex queries for data analysis
  • Load data into Tableau application to start data visualization
  • Create professional diagrams and graphs for data analysis
  • Create dashboard in Tableau for reporting and presentation

Learn Business Data Analysis with SQL and Tableau Course Requirements

  • Windows Operating System

Learn Business Data Analysis with SQL and Tableau Course Description

As the vast majority of the business information put away in social data sets, learning SQL is fundamental for anybody needs to be an information expert or researcher. SQL is the primary instrument used to control information in social data sets, so dominating SQL is important to perform profound information examinations.

This course shows you SQL without any preparation till composing complex questions.

The course begins with you from fundamental to cutting edge level. You will get the hang of utilizing the main capacities, for example, accumulation and date capacities at your inquiries.

Moreover, you will master joining various tables at your inquiries to recover the information you need for your examinations. Prior to that, you figure out how to introduce and utilize Microsoft SQL Server and Northwind information base.

In the following segment, you will find out about information perception and utilizing Tableau to make clever graphs and diagrams. You will get the hang of introducing Tableau and be OK with making differed charts, dashboards and stories and use them for business information examinations.

Who this course is for:

  • Those who need to learn to create complex SQL queries and professional data diagrams and charts for data analysis

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/learn-business-data-analysis-with-sql-and-tableau/

Learn Business Data Analysis with SQL and Tableau

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