Learn Fashion Design on Adobe Illustrator: Beginner’s Course

Learn Fashion Design on Adobe Illustrator: Beginner’s Course. Learn From Idea to Tech Pack: Beginner’s step by step (sketching, Illustrator, and tech pack)

  • Fashion design in adobe illustrator
  • Drawing stitches, buttons and zips in adobe illustrator
  • Tracing and layering technique for fashion flats in adobe illustrator
  • Pencil fashion sketch with croquis
  • Colour pencil rendering
  • Realistic fabric in adobe illustrator
  • Tech pack creation

Learn Fashion Design on Adobe Illustrator: Beginner’s Course Requirements

  • Pencil, eraser, sharpener, drawing book, laptop and mouse
  • No Adobe Illustrator skill needed.
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Learn Fashion Design on Adobe Illustrator: Beginner’s Course Description

This course will take you from drawing to painting to technological equipment. Learn to draw a hand sketch, draw clothes using sketches, and craft and color with colored pencils.
Most importantly, you will learn various skills in Adobe Illustrator that will help you convert your designs to Adobe Illustrator quickly and easily. Techniques such as stacking and layering, tracking with pen tools, creating buttons, stitches, and zippers, and saving them to templates and libraries.

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Finally, you learn how to write your design in packages that include instructions for companies to follow. Attending this course gives you access to free samples of the art ball that you can use, a free library of brushes and symbols with buttons, straps, and zippers, combinations. Free consultation with instructors to answer your questions and help you progress, and certification. of accomplishment.

By the end of this course, you will be able to easily communicate about your design, create a fashion or clothing brand, share with others, or serve as a paid consultant.
It is a lecture that lasts over 6 hours and can be viewed anytime, anywhere, and its value is unlimited.
I want to see you in class.

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This course includes:
Start a fashion designer

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