Learn Figma UI/UX Design Essential Training [2020]Free Download

Learn Figma UI/UX Design Essential Training

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Last Updated on March 22, 2021

Free Course-Learn Figma UI /UX Design Essential Training free download paid course. Design websites
Build mobile and desktop applications

At the end of this course, you will have a complete interactive design and prototype

You will learn how to use design elements for future projects

Learn Figma UI OR UX Design Essential Training Requirements

Internet access
You need to know your way around computer basics

Learn Figma UI/ UX Design Essential Training Description

Figma is a very powerful application running online. When using Figma there are virtually no platform boundaries because you can design in a web browser or use a desktop application made for Windows and Macs.

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Figma is similar to Sketch and Adobe XD, but it is the most powerful of the three when it comes to team collaboration and responsive, fast design.

This course covers user interface design using the powerful tools in Figma. In the first section, I will cover the Figma interface and you will find Powerful tools, such as barriers to responding to your designs, and components that build a library of design elements to use in your projects. I also see real-time team collaboration and how you can use Figma to work with others on the same project.

I will guide you later on by designing and prototyping a “chef cuisine” app that includes multiple artboards, custom icon designs, editing images, and text, and everything you need to create a polished original design.

Please join me as a beginner in design or as an experienced UI / UX designer who wants to switch from other tools like Sketch or Adobe XD.

This course is for Learn Figma-UI/UX Design Essential Training:

User interface designers
Web designers
Graphic designers
UX designers

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