Learn Game Development with Phaser And JavaScript

Learn Game Development with Phaser And JavaScript paid course free. You will Start building your own games using HTML and JavaScript in this complete course.

Learn Game Development with Phaser And JavaScript Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript and HTML is enough for completing this course

Learn Game Development with Phaser And JavaScript Course Description

Upskill with Phaser 3 for developing your favorite games from scratch!

This course is for aspiring game developers who want to up their game designing skills with Phaser 3 & JavaScript. Phaser is a powerful engine built-in JavaScript that doesn’t get in your way, allowing for platform-agnostic games to reach wide audiences on multiple platforms.

With this course, you will be learning all the fundamentals of game development & Phaser 3 along with physics systems, event systems, animation systems, and various popular tools. All these will help you to advance your game designing knowledge.

Why Should You Learn Phaser 3?

  • It is highly efficient & has rich tool objects.
  • Developing games is extremely quick.
  • Comes with excellent rendering capabilities.
  • Numerous sample codes are available on the website for giving the first try.

How This Course Can Help You?

This course teaches you Phaser 3 for game development with JavaScript programming. With the basic knowledge of JavaScript, this course will prep you up for developing games that will work on phones & browsers. As it will unfold, you will learn all the concepts & theories for building a game, environment development & scalable workflows.

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Initially, you will get an overview of all the technologies, then you will learn the setup of the Phaser 3 game development environment. Once the basics are done, it will walk you through the game designing & development process. It will also cover NPM, Git, Webpack, Sprite & sequencing 2D animations. Upon completion, you will be confident to build complex games with animations, AI, & state formations with Phaser 3.

Major Topics That You Will Learn

  • Intro to game development
  • Intro to Phaser & JavaScript
  • Phaser setup
  • JavaScript programming
  • Game design theory
  • Creating scenes, objects, characters
  • Game movement, collisions, sores, game levels
  • Effects- Flashing, screen shake, sound, music

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to start game development will find this course very useful

Source: https://www.udemy.com/course/basic-game-development-with-phaser/

Learn Game Development with Phaser And JavaScript

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