2022 – Learn Google Forms Within 1.5 Hours

Learn Google Forms Within 1.5 Hours. Google Forms is a free online tool that lets you collect data from your website users. Google Forms lets you create questions, add fields to the form, and view the results in a simple table. You can also export the data to a spreadsheet or doc file. Google Forms is a web-based form builder that allows users to create custom forms, send surveys, and collect data. Users can create forms in a variety of ways, including using Google Sheets, the Google Forms editor, or a third-party form builder. Forms can be embedded on websites or used as standalone tools.

The most important concepts to know when working with Google Forms include all question types, responses, settings, sections, and quizzes. Let’s take a look at each of these:

Question Types: Google Forms provides a variety of question types to choose from, including text questions, checkboxes, and dropdowns. You can also create custom question types using the Google Sheets Add-on for Google Forms.

Responses: When you create a question in Google Forms, you can specify how users should respond. You can allow users to submit responses manually or allow Google Forms to automatically send respondents a survey link.

Settings: You can configure a number of settings for Google Forms, including how responses are sent and displayed. You can also customize the look and feel of forms using the Google Forms editor.

Sections: Sections are a way to group questions together on a form. Sections can be used to organize questions and make it easier for users to navigate the form.

Quizzes: Quizzes are a great way to test users’ knowledge or understanding of information. Quizzes can be created using the Google Forms editor or a third-party quiz builder.

Learn Google Forms Within 1.5 Hours

Google Forms is a great way for people to gather data from a large number of people in an organized and easy-to-use way. It can be used by teachers for collecting student data, employees for collecting employee data, and business people for collecting customer data. Google Forms can also be used by students for gathering information from their classmates or teachers.

You Will Learn

  • Explore Google Forms
  • Design Professional Forms
  • Customize Your Form
  • Learn Response Validation
  • Explore Form Settings
  • Make Quizzes
  • Publish Your First Form
  • Submit And Analyse Demo Responses
  • Store Data In Google Sheets
  • Divide Your Form Into Multiple Sections
  • Add Images And Videos
  • Create Multiple Choice Questions
  • Create Checkboxes and Dropdowns
  • Create Short Answers And Paragraphs
  • Create Date And Time Questions
  • Create Linear Scale Questions
  • Create Multiple Choice Grid Questions
  • Create Tick Box Grid Questions
  • Create File Upload Questions
  • Import Questions From Other Forms
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Learn Google Forms completely within 1.5 Hours!!!

You heard it right. You just need less than 1.5 hours to learn and implement Google Forms. Create your first survey right away!!

Crisp Chip-sized Videos!!!

No boring lengthy lectures. Concepts are explained and demonstrated practically. Straight to the point so that you do not miss the attention.

All important concepts are covered!  

Starting from the UI of Forms, we go through all important concepts including all question types, responses, settings, sections, and quizzes.

Enjoy Learning!!

No extra practice and other repetitive stuff. You can even complete this course in a single stretch and this makes learning more enjoyable and interesting.

Easy, but Useful!

Google Forms is easy to learn, easy to implement but vast in use. From surveys to quizzes to feedback, you see Google Forms everywhere.

Learn what you see!!

This course practically shows you things so that you clearly learn just by watching the lectures. No need to practice. Just implement.

Publish your first form!!

Enroll in this course and start publishing your forms for the world to see!!

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